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HP probook 4530s wireless driver

Product Name: HP Probook 4530s
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)



I've spent around 5 hours trying to find correct wi-fi driver for old pc of mine that was just fixed, so all the drivers where gone.


So decided to turn to you guys, maybe someone could help me out.


So i've got HP Probook 4530s (notebook pc) with Win 7 home premium running on it. It's 32-bit.

It has Intel Core i3-2330M ; 2.20 GHz

Here is a screen from my Device Manager:




If some additional info is needed, will do my best to provide it!

What should be used on this?

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Re: HP probook 4530s wireless driver



You need these drivers for the devices in your screen shot.


Base system devices...


The JMicron Media Card Reader Driver enables the integrated media card slot in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system.






This package contains the Renesas USB 3.0 driver. This driver is available for supported notebook models with supported operating systems.




Now, I see what I hope is just a minor problem...You don't have a wireless network adapter showing up anywhere in the device manager...with or without a driver.


So, install this software, restart the PC and see if you can turn on the wireless card by using this software.


This package provides the HP Connection Manager for the supported notebook running a supported operating system.



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Re: HP probook 4530s wireless driver



Thank you for your answer!


So i have followed your instructions, installed these drivers successfully, restarting pc multiple times.


Situation in my Device Manager is the same (regarding network adapters), there is no wi-fi adapter showing up.


Any ideas how so?



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Re: HP probook 4530s wireless driver

You're very welcome.


The next step is to go into the BIOS and see if the wireless network adapter is enabled in the BIOS.


There should be a setting in the BIOS that indicates wireless adapter present and enabled/disabled.


If it is disabled, change the setting to enabled.


If it is not present, the card is either missing or broken.


There is no device listed as a Network Controller, correct?


What message did the HP connection manager software indicate regarding the wireless status?

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Re: HP probook 4530s wireless driver



Yes, there is no Network Controller in device manager.


HP Connection Manager shows no info regarding wi-fi aswell. There is no info under Wireless LAN(WiFi) Information.


So i've gone through all the settings, configuration in BIOS aswell, conclusion - no actual wi-fi related info, setup or enable/disable option(only thing i saw was Wireless Button State that was already enabled, but i doubt that disabling it would be useful?), so most probably card is, like you said, missing or broken, right?


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Re: HP probook 4530s wireless driver

[ Edited ]



Under the circumstances I would say the wireless card has a major problem.


I forgot that it can't be missing, because your screenshot indicated the presence of a bluetooth radio that needed a driver.


The bluetooth radio chip is on the wireless card's circuit board.  So the bluetooth would work with the right driver installed.


I don't know what model wireless card your notebook has, so I wasn't able to give you a driver for the bluetooth, and it is a moot point, since the wireless part of the card doesn't work.


It is probably an Atheros wireless card though.


So...here is the service manual.  Removing and replacing the wireless card is a relatively simple procedure.




Chapter 4, starting on page 60, will provide the steps for removing and replacing the wireless card.


This is important...you can only replace the wireless card with a model listed in the service manual, and it must have the HP Part number on it, or it will not work.


You should be able to find used but tested and working wireless cards for sale on eBay for very reasonable prices.


Search by the HP part number, not by the model of the card.


Now may be a good time to upgrade the card, since you have to replace it anyway.


I suggest you look for the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 (HP Part # 636672-001) that you see listed in the manual at the beginning of the wireless card replacement procedures.


That is a dual band (2.4 GHz/5.0 GHz) card with bluetooth.


Please post back and let us know if replacing the wireless card resolved the problem.


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