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HP Pavillion Gaming dk2012tx
Microsoft Windows 11

Hi Community


As listed on the HP website laptop model HP Pavillion Gaming DK2012tx comes with Realtek Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ (1x2) and Bluetooth® 5.2 combo (Supporting Gigabit data rate) which is wifi adapter that is having (1x2) network configuration and cannot run in dual band but its lower varient Hp Pavillion Gaming dk2095tx comes with the well known Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (2x2) and Bluetooth® 5 combo (Supporting Gigabit data rate), which is a dual band supporting network card.


And i want to use the Intel Wifi 6 AX201 in the HP Pavillion Gaming DK2012tx model


So my question is that, can the Hp Pavillion Gaming Dk2012tx support the Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (2x2), if so can i just swap out the wifi card and get the Intel based Wifi 6 AX201NGW wifi card. Please help me.



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The Intel Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 will only work in the notebooks it originally came with.


No one that I know of on this forum has gotten a CNVIo card like the Intel AX201 to work when replacing a different model wifi card such as the Realtek models.


And the Realtek RTL8852AE Wi-Fi 6 Bluetooth 5.2 Wi-Fi card is capable of working on both the 2.4 and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi bands.


That is the actual model of the wifi card that comes with the 15-Dk2012tx notebook.



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What is that (2x2) and (1x2) in both the wifi cards and also both the models that i am talking about are exactly same, by exactly same i mean everything is same, just that one comes with a rtx3050 and one comes with gtx1650.

Would it still not work ??


Also what is the difference between Realtek wifi 6 and Realtek Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6,
The internet has mentions about (1x1) ans (2x2) configs but nowhere there are talks related to something (1x2).


This  network sections is making me a lot more confused.




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Yes, everything is the same but the Intel AX 201 won't work.


Go ahead and try it and find out for yourself.


It will not show up in the device manager.


You can google the other questions you have, because I don't have an exact answer for you.


1 x 1 and 2 x 2, etc. are the number of data streams down and up the network adapter can support.


In other words, a 1 x 1 card is half as fast as a 2 x 2 card.


But they still may both be AC, AX as far as the connectivity is concerned.


For example, a 1 x 1 AC wifi adapter has a maximum throughput of 433 MBPS on the 5.0 GHz wifi band and a 2 x 2 AC adapter has a maximum throughput of 867 MBPS on the 5.0 GHz wifi band.

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Ok I understand about the (1x1) and (2x2) that one is double of the other but then what is (1x2) ???


Also where can I find the service manual for the laptop model, as it will help figure out more.


Please tell me about this.




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The 1 x 2 means one of those data streams is twice as fast as the other one.


In other words, either the download stream is twice as fast as the upload stream or vice versa.


If I had to guess, I would say the download stream is the x 2.


Unfortunately, the service manual on the 15-dk2000 support page is outdated and only covers the older 15-dk0xxx model series, so that is not going to be of much help to you.


HP Pavilion 15.6 inch Gaming Laptop PC 15-dk2000 Manuals | HP® Customer Support

HP Recommended

Thanks for the reply, about the service manual is there any chance that it will be upgraded anytime soon ??


I noticed one thing that the old service manual shows compatibility to boh Realtec Module, and an Intel Module that was available at that time.


Wish there would have been upgraded manual, is there any place where I can request for the new updated service manual by any chance ??


Also is there anything like Intel network cards are way better than the realtek Network cards.


Thanks a lot for answering all my questions.



HP Recommended

You're very welcome.


Personally, I think the Intel cards are better than the Realtek cards.


What I don't know is if that RTL8852AE AX Wi-Fi card has one or two antenna wires connected to it.


A 2 x 2 card has two antenna wires connected to it.


A Realtek 1 x 1 AC card has one antenna wire connected to it.


So, does the RTL8852AE 1 x 2 have one or two antenna wires connected to it.


The Intel AX cards all require two antenna wires.


If the model you want to buy has two antennas, you can experiment with this Intel model wifi card...


Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 ax 2×2 + Bluetooth 5.0 MU-MIMO M.2 2230 non-vPro   HP part # L35282-005


The AX200 would have the same specs as the AX 201 except it is a non CNVIo card and works in several of the newer model HP notebooks out there.


As to if or when HP publishes an updated service manual, since I don't work for or represent HP, unfortunately that I do not know.


It is very frustrating for me when I try to help folks because there are several manuals that are outdated, and I don't understand why HP doesn't release a new service manual for the newer versions of their model series.

HP Recommended

Same as you I also feel frustrated, while searching the internet just to get an old service manual.


For now my question is how can I know if my laptop was 1 antenna wire or 2 antenna wire, can it be physically identified ?? By accessing the back pannel ?


Also will swapping the network card, void the warranty of the laptop ? If I do it on my own, what if I get it done by a hp technician ?


How can I order the Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 ax 2×2 + Bluetooth 5.0 MU-MIMO M.2 2230 non-vPro HP part # L35282-005 online ?


And I have read online that CNVIo varient cards are only supported for Intel Chips that are 10th gen and above could you please verify it ?


Sorry for so many questions, but my current situation makes me curious as spending a lot of money on a laptop and getting a lower quality of Network card makes me feel unsatisfied.




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I looked on eBay for the Realtek 8852AE Wi-Fi 6 card, and apparently it also needs two antenna wires to work as shown in the eBay link below.  You can see the two antenna terminals that each wire would go to.


Realtek RTL8852AE Wireless card for HP 17-CP0056NR laptop | eBay


So that answers that question.


Normally as long as you don't break anything when taking apart the notebook you will not void the warranty.


However, if your notebook ever needs warranty service, you will need to remove the Intel Wi-Fi card and replace it with the original Realtek card.


Yes, the CNVIo2 variant cards such as the AX201 require a supported Intel 10th gen core processor, but as I wrote yesterday, you can't install one if the notebook didn't come with one. 


I don't know why that is, but 100% of anyone on this forum that tried to install a CNVIo/CNVIo2 card in a notebook that didn't come with one--even if it was listed as a supported card in the service manual, it did not work.


Where can you order the Intel AX 200 with that part number?


There are plenty of them for sale on eBay.


l35282-005: Search Result | eBay

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