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Envy x360
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


i would like to know if I can upgrade the wifi card in my Envy x360 13-ay0286ng i bought last year. It's giving me so many headaches and problems, despite my attempts at fixing things. I wanted to get the model with Intel Wifi 6 in the first place, but it wasn't available in my area.  I tried reinstalling the OS, reinstalling the drivers, disabling power saving options, but nothing solved my problems:

  • Bluetooth doesn't work with my heaphones, unless I use Microsoft Basic Drivers (really realtek?). I constantly get intermittent playback and inconsistent functionality. The headphones work with every other device I tested, so they aren't the problem. 
  • Sometimes, after waking up the pc from sleep, wifi and bluetooth just won't work until I reboot.
  • Wifi randomly disconnects if bluetooth is enabled. If disabled, Wifi will work fine if a single network channel is found. If multiple access points, with the same SSID but different channels, are available in the area (even with roaming aggressiveness set to low) the laptop will keep changing access points for no reason, even if their signal is worse. My other devices (laptops with intel wifi, smartphones and smart tvs do not exibit this behaviour)
  • Despite setting 5GHz band preferred, and enabling band steering on all access points, the laptop will just prefer 2.4GHz if it has marginally stronger signal. For example let's say that I have -65dbm 5GHz signal (around 400Mbps throughput with other devices) and -60dbm 2.4Ghz (and only 50Mbps throughput). The laptop will connect with Wifi 4 and I'm unable to get more than 35-40Mbps. Every other device I have, in the very same point, will just stick to 5Ghz and get more than 350Mbps speeds.
  • Latency in speed tests are usually 5-15ms worse than even a cheap smartphone.
  • Because of all this the laptop is almost unusable unless I sit in the very same room where I have one of my access points.

Because of all this problem, I'd like to know if I can change my Wifi/Bluetooth card with an Intel AX200 Wifi6. If it's possible could you point me to right model, maybe on ebay or amazon Italy?

Thank you for your time.

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I see from the product specs that your notebook has the infamous RTL8822 wifi adapter.


I see no reason why you can't replace that lousy card with the Intel AX200 listed in chapter 3 of your notebook's service manual.


Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 ax 2×2 + Bluetooth 5.0 MU-MIMO M.2 2230 non-vPro 160 MHz PCI-e+USB   HP part # L35282-005.


You can probably find that card on eBay by searching by the HP part number. 


If you decide to go generic, you must get the non-vPro model which is why I bolded that description.


The card is on back order at the HP parts store in Italy, but the HP Parts store in Germany has them in stock for 25.14 euros.


Below is the link to the service manual, where you can find the wifi card removal and replacement procedure.


I recommend before installing the Intel card to uninstall both the Realtek wifi and bluetooth devices in the device manager and check the uninstall driver box.  If there is any Realtek bluetooth software listed in the Windows control panel>programs, uninstall that too.


Then shut down the PC and follow the disassembly procedures to replace the card.


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Hi out there,


there is a new Realtek  RTL8822CE driver -> Version 2024.0.10.221 WHQL.

You can find it here:



And you have to deactivate "Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter", if you have poor Wifi performance or Ping losses.




Works perfect till two days.




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