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BIOS Error 03F0 on HP Pavilion dv6-6169us

1. Product Name and Number
     •HP Pavilion dv6-6169-us


 2. Operating System installed (if applicable)
     • Windows 7 64-bit


 3. Error message
     • BIOS Error 03F0 after a BSOD "net something .sys"


 4. Any changes made to your system before the issue occurred
     • Windows Update. Windows 7 Optional "Fix"


5. In the subject title, include a brief, specific description of the problem, and your product information (i.e., product name of your laptop, notebook, printer, other device, etc.)
     • I recently got a Blue Screen. Something about net something .sys 

So i restarted my computer and it wouldnt boot up. I tried startup repair and it wouldnt load the repair program. Then went to BIOS to boot from my OS CD to try a startup repair from the OS CD. The OS CD said it couldnt detect and drives. So I restarted and I got a "No Boot Device" Present error. So i went back to BIOS and put my HDD as the first to boot again. Still i got the "No Boot Device" Present error. Now when I try to boot I get error 03FO.


As I type this i restarted my computer again and the HDD light is on which it wasnt before. It took alittle longer than normal but now I clicked Repair Startup again.


Please help. I'm stumped. I'm currently studying for my CompTIA A+ Certification and I'm getting 71's on the new practice exams.  So its alittle personal between my and my laptop right now. :)







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Re: BIOS Error 03F0 on HP Pavilion dv6-6169us

So Startup Repair Hangs.And this is what shows. Now the HDD light is on steadily but occasionally blinks. I'm let it continue since there's HDD activity.



Microsoft <R> Windows Script Host Version 5.8

Copyright <C> Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


REM Model             :

REM Caption          : TOSHIBA MK7559GSXP ATA Device

REM DeviceID        :\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0



REM Partitions: 4

REM PNPDeviceID: IDE\DISKTOSHIBA_MK7559GSXP____________________________GN001C__\5&12DBC03F0&0.0.0




REM couldn't perform the screening because couldn't detect 2 HDDs on this system


C:\system.sav\util\MBRINST.EXE /INI C:\system.sav\util\MBR.INI /U /Q

EHCO MBRInst returned  %ErrorLevel1% >> C:\system.sav\logs\MBRINST.LOG

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Re: BIOS Error 03F0 on HP Pavilion dv6-6169us

So after leaving the startup repair on for 2 hrs. nothing happened and i restarted my laptop. I get the same message.


"Boot Device Not Found"


Please install an operating system on your hard disk.


Hard Disk (3FO)

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Re: BIOS Error 03F0 on HP Pavilion dv6-6169us

[ Edited ]

Hello treecheetahdolo.  I understand you've received the 3FO errors.  


This errors means that the hard drive is dying and you will need to replace it.  It obviously hasn't totally bit the dust yet because you're sometimes able to boot the notebook.  You will need to back up your data as soon as possible to ensure that you don't lose it.  

You can run the built in hard drive diagnostic utility to confirm that the hard drive is the problem.  Follow these steps.


You will also need to create a set of Recovery Discs for yourself.  This will allow you to quickly reinstall the operating system and drivers.  This document has directions for creating these discs.  If you're unable to create the discs you can order them from HP.  The number is 1-800-474-6836 for US/Canadian customers.  If you're in another part of the world you'll need to visit HP Support Worldwide to get your region's contact information.

This repair is quite easy.  You'll need your notebook's Maintenance and Service Guide.  Here is a link to your guide.  This covers the disassembly and repair of the notebook.  You can also order the parts directly from HP if you'd like. Here is a link to your notebook's HP Part Surfer page.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.  I'll keep an eye out for your reply.  I hope you have a great week!  Smiley Happy

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Re: BIOS Error 03F0 on HP Pavilion dv6-6169us



oi Lau, o meu notebook é HP tambem xta com o mesmo problema, ja tentei meter outro sistema operativo tal como win8, 7, xta na mesma, mas eu consigo entrar no sistema da seguinte forma: quando ligares ele apresenta este problema:




1- Se primares o F10 vai abrir a bios, vai em: Configuração do sistema e abre as opções de arranque.




2- Na compatibilidade Heredada está desativado- tens que activar, onde está ordem de arranque heredada marca o disco duro como principal ( na primeira fila), prima F10 pra salvar e sair.




3- Quando reiniciar vai apresentar esta mensagem abaixo: é so dares apertares na tecla Esc para cancelar e pronto, o teu windows vai iniciar normalmente, obs: tens que fazer o mesmo procedimento sempre que reiniciares o teu Notebook.




Abraço ai amigo, envia uma mensagem se dar tudo certo.

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Re: BIOS Error 03F0 on HP Pavilion dv6-6169us

I just received a brand new hard drive and thats the same error it is giving me as well. So your telling me that my brand new never before used hard drive is already failing

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Re: BIOS Error 03F0 on HP Pavilion dv6-6169us

I still didnt found out the reason why this was happening to me. This is what I had to do


I ran some disk cloning software from CD/DVD boot to clone my hard drive to a fresh one via a external usb hard drive enclosure. Then I took out my old one and replaced it with the new one. For some reason my so called failing hard drive is working perfectly in the external usb hard drive enclosure.


So as far is it suppousedly failing, I dont know because it seems fine to me.

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Re: BIOS Error 03F0 on HP Pavilion dv6-6169us

The 03f0 error is sometimes too non-specific. What I mean to say it that when the system does not see the drive it reports this code. Not seeing the drive does not always mean that the drive is going bad,. It could be the cable (some people put it on upside down at the MB end which makes not only a bad connection but can damage the tiny connections inside the little plug so that even when properly inserted it isn't making all the connections. The damage can also be in the recepticle on the MB itself. There might also be a crack in the board discontinuing the flow of info to the processor ( did you or someone else drop the laptop?). Try using the cable from the CD rom and see if it still won't register. There are many ways to trouble shoot a problem like this but another quick check is to remove the cmos battery for 30 minutes to allow the bios to revert to the original file that is engrained in the chip itself. You will have to reset the clock and update the bios (if it is old) after this provess. If you still get the error code my advice is to bring it to a tech or have HP fix it. Sometimes a quick diagnosis is wrong, sometimes it's right. You may do all these tests and more and yet still get the code. I once found a tiny cat hair lodged in the receptical that was blocking the connection enough to get the codes. Finally it is also advisable to consider the other codes as well because a good tech will look at the entire scenario not just the one code. Are you also getting these?  0502, 0702, 0501? or any others? I personally think that a quick diagnosis is usually wrong and worse, irresponsible-but that's just me.


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