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Compatibility of EliteBook 2740p with Win 10?

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HP tablet 2740p
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

Our family used an HP EliteBook tablet OS (Win7) machine from mid 2010 to about mid 2012. I am considering taking this into Win10 with a free upgrade, and I know that Win10 doesn't offer as much "Tablet" integration as did Win7's specific tablet OS (I also used a Lenovo X61T and am considering that for upgrade, too.)


Is there a way to avoid bricking this laptop, such as run a compatibility check from HP? I plan to ask for a clean install if I upgrade.


As I wrote this I booted the 2740p and it goes right to a first-time Win7 Pro set up! Weird... although it hasn't been used for a couple of years...

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My EliteBook 2740p has been runing Windows 10 for around 1 year now no problem at all (touchscreen, stylus, tablet mode .. all  work, no missing devices). ONLY it is too slow therefore I only keep it for my wife to use Skype.



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HP 2740p works brilliantly on Win 10


and loads fine via AHCI same as Win 7.


I have an HP 2740p running an i7 CPU and 4 GB RAM , all features work even Finger print reader / Touch Screen / Bluetooth / WWAN Gobi 2000 Card .


I have it in Dual boot mode win 7 Pro 64bit / Win 10 Pro 64 bit , both clean installs , 7 from HP disc and 10 from USB and then re activate via  Windows live account.


I loaded as Upgrade , registered , then format and fresh Install from Disc and USB .


I can login with finger print reader on both sides and login to websites on IE on both .

The dock I have works on 7 and 10 and loads the DVD drive via USB.


Load Win 7 first  via custom install option when asked where to put windows, on a single pre made partition ( this can be done with Diskpart or on another PC via USB , but installer will not do this ) on empty/formatted hard drive make this partition the whole size initially of the drive leave NO FREE SPACE atall , this stops the "System Reserved " hidden partion being created , and all boot files for each running system stay intact and in their partition with 7 or 10  , incase you need to repair something at a later date . My Preference .


After loading use Win 7 to create a second partition on the hard drive ,by shrinking Win 7 volume ,make this the full drive again leave no free space.


On 250GB SSD = Win7@80GB,Win10@80GB,Storage@70GB


Then load Win 10 to this via the custom install option , after loading Win 10 it will see Win 7 and list Win 7 and Win 10 on the initial boot screen after the HP BIOS screen

,this is a black screen with 2 choices in white text , use the arrow keys and enter to choose.



I prefer to use Microsoft Metro to do this as I have a touch screen and it looks much cooler than std boring text. It gives a solid blue background and 2 white boxes the

size of match boxes to touch for Win 7 Pro or Win 10 Pro or I can use Arrows/TAB key and Enter key.


Go get " Easy BCD " free online and it does all this cool stuff to the Boot manager via a nice and easy GUI for those that get scared seeing large black boxes with white text

, command prompt style.


 If going to single boot Win 10 make sure you do not disable BT or WWAN in Win 7 before upgrading , turn it all on even in HP Wireless assistant , you have been warned !!!!


or HP and its strange BIOS games can catch you out and you can't turn them on again without doing it from Win 7 , which on a dual boot is easy , however on a single boot this can be a nightmare .


Before loading ANY HP drivers on the system , the std Win 10 wireless drivers will work OOTB :


Go to " Programs and features " and


" Turn Windows features On and Off "


 Look for the " DotNet FrameWork 3.5 and DotNet 2 " feature and tick the box ,


Using generic Win 10 driver for wireless go online as the Installer needs access to Windows Update to finish.


Once this is loaded come back Offline and finish the HP Driver installs , otherwise some installers will not work,

you must come offline or Win 10 starts updating your drivers automatically in the background !!!


WWAN loaded drivers fine on both sides and Wirelss Assistant on 7 turns it on and off fine , on Win 10 you need HP Connection Manager v ( SP53394 ) as HP Wireless Assistant won't work.


How to load HP Gobi modem and HP Connection Manager on Win 10.

1. Download SP53068 (Gobi  driver) + SP53394 (HP Connection Manager v4)


2. Enable secret administrator account via cmd prompt [right click and run as admin ]


 net user administrator /active:yes


3. Log out then Login using the administrator account - This important as the installation will be BLOCKED even if you are an Administrator .


Remember you will be on a different account and Desktop so put files on front of C drive or on a flash key, so they are easy to find.


4. Install SP53394 it will fail but extract.


5.      Under C:\SWSETUP\SP53394, locate hpcm.msi and HPCMSetup.exe and change both the  compatibilities to  windows 7


6. Right click and INSTALL "hpcm.msi" to install the Connection Manager.


7. Under Program File (x86)\Hewlett-Packard/HP Connection Manager, locate the following file and set it  to


  compatibility to Windows 7  :



8. The HP Connection Manager will be installed now.


If you try to use it, it will tell you that there is no driver installed for WWAN .


9.  Install SP53068 it will fail but unload what is needed .


10.  Under C:\SWSETUP\SP53068, locate Qualcomm\QCUSBDriver folder and run the “Setup.exe” to install the driver.


11.  Logout from the administrator account and login using the user account


12.  Locate and open the HP Connection Manager and setup the correct APN


13.   Disable secret administrator account via cmd prompt


   net user administrator /active:no


14.   Remove from start up , and fire it from shortcut if you want , I find it useful to turn BT and Wireless off independantly so I leave it ON . But remember HPCM is set to delayed startup so it will appear 2 mins after all wireless booting has finished , it is designed like that, so be patient.



Validity VFS451 Finger Print Reader on Win 10 use SP66915 which will load HP drivers for reader then use HP Protect tools Security manager  SP63727 loading both with right

click "Run as Admin "


If you want "Windows Hello " to work then you need to remove HP drivers and HP Protect tools and load this driver from the Lenovo site , I haven't used it as Win Hello only

works as logon and HP Protect tools does IE aswell :


Validity Fingerprint Common Driver ( 7.7 MB ) June 2016


Windows 10 (32-bit)
Windows 10 (64-bit)

Version 4.5.507


Once loaded and reboot is done Windows Hello will appear at the Login on Win 10 as it can now see the new driver is compatible with Win 10 , both drivers load and Device

manager lists them and gives no errors , so its really a case of the old driver is fine for HP PTools but won't talk to Hello properly .


Bluetooth on Win 10 needs SP47022 , turn Wireless switch on and reset BIOS to Defaults if you do not have a Bluetooth icon yet, remember afterwards to reset anything that you want different to std in BIOS,


I loaded HP Connection Manager before this to control WWAN and hoped it would help loading the BT and allow Win 10 to load it's Generic driver as I plugged dongle in last after loading both running systems .


If you have no BT icon or Unknown USB device yet STOP and do not load Broadcom drivers ,try BIOS reset, go into BIOS and look at Device Configuration turn BT on and off, check HPWA or HPCM you must have this before going any further.


You should get after rebooting and BIOS reset a blue oval icon and a yellow triangle showing windows has seen it but not sure what to do with it yet , then Win 10 will load Generic driver for BT , wait and let it do its thing.


Once you have a Bluetooth icon proceed as follows :

1. Load SP47022.exe which are the Broadcom Bluetooth drivers.


2. Let it fail then go to SWSETUP in front of C drive.


3. Find SP47022 / Win64 / Inst.exe and right click and " Run as Administrator "


4. When it finishes reboot.


5. Then go to device manager and right click the " Generic Bluetooth Device " not "Microsoft BlueTooth Enumerator "
   use properties and then driver tab


select " Update driver " then choose to do it manually and browse to the same SP47022 / Win64 folder and click " OK "


6.  It should now have an " HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth 2.1 Wireless Technology "

   where it was a Generic adapter before ,


Broadcom Bluetooth drivers give you much more adaptability etc when connecting other BT devices .



All other drivers from HP site load fine from the Win 7 Pro 64 bit list , AUDIO/LAN/WACOM TABLET/QUICK LAUNCH/TOUCHPAD didnt need Intel Wireless or Intel HD Graphics as they came as newer with Win 10 install.


You should be able to get rid of all yellow triangles and ticks in Device manager , remember you will need HP3D drive guard and Intel ME drivers aswell , both can be turned off/disabled but you will need them to get rid of errors in Device Manager as the drivers are for onboard chips and need to be recognised for Win 10 to be happy.


I will add though when this had an i5 and a standard 1.8"drive 5400 rpm it was mediocre , the i7 motherboard swap and a Toshiba 256 GB SSD has made it a mini missile , I have

also fitted a 0.8 mm copper shim to graphics card , the CPU/GPU heatsink now is pasted straight to CPU and Copper disc on GPU , this lowered system temps from Speed Fan by

alot before it would idle at 50/60 and Utube was 70+ now it idles at 40 and Utube is 60/65 centigrade , and the fan no longer goes crazy as soon as i use it.


Give it a thumbs up if it helped so others find it easier,


Took a few hours of finger chewing to find the drivers and how to get them to load but it has been good for over a month now and both sides work great. Good luck .



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