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Laptop Left click - a bit broken.
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Re: Laptop Left click - a bit broken.

So did BB fix it, send it out, etc,?  They told me they could not fix it and would have to send it out for over a month!!!

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Re: Laptop Left click - a bit broken.

There seems to be a pattern here.

I bought 2 HP pavillion dv6's.  One for me and one for my daughter.  Her left click button collapsed just before the warranty was up which hp repaired.  Mine collapsed one week after the warranty ran out.  Being a sceptic I would have to ask the question as to whether this a sales ploy with something designed to last only a year and bring in more business.  Woulodn't it be nice if HP responded to this with a difinitive answer as to how it can be repaired without incurring silly costs.

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Re: Laptop Left click - a bit broken.

My HP Pavilion dv6 left click button is broken (internal support tab broken) but still works if depressed properly. Im 90 days out of warranty. HP wants $269.00 and several weeks to fix it. To me this is a design flaw. HP has changed click buttons on new models. I'm waiting for a call from a case manager to file a complaint.

Has anyone had success on fixing this problem?

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Re: Laptop Left click - a bit broken.

Similar problem. HP Pavilion dv6 about 18 months old.  Left mouse button doesn't "click" anymore .. no tactile feedback.  Can't tell if the mouse click registered or not.  Often takes multiple presses to register.  Seems like a design flaw to me - this computer hasn't gotten that much use since we've had it.  Can't see paying that much money to repair it, but awful annoying to have to hook up an external mouse.

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Re: Laptop Left click - a bit broken.

Same problem.  Plastic button loose. Paint chipped off and doesn't function properly.  This in addition to a very long list of probs with this computer is why I'm going Mac. Will try to fix this myself by replacing the top cover chassis if I can ever get the correct part number.  Chatted 3x with the parts dept with no luck.  They told me to call Tech Support. LOL.   And this is a common problem from what I've been reading. 

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Re: Laptop Left click - a bit broken.

I also have a DV6 series laptop (Pavilion DV6-1253cl.)  Touchpad left click button also broke without cause or wear & tear.  My left click key suddenly became extremely loose (moving within its space with no balance or left/right support..)  The key was fine one day and when I went to use the laptop the next time, the key was broken as noted above. The only support it has is its attachment to the actual "button hardware" below the cover above.  Should it break further, the button will be unusable.  Having to use an external mouse is not a fix or adequate solution, just a workaround.  My laptop cost $1000.


There is an obvious design/parts problem.  Clicking the key more toward the right or left  even the lightest use breaks the support below.  The distance between the left click and the keys is greater than that on other laptops, so the pressure on the left click will be somewhat greater when using it in conjunction with other keys.  I have BARELY used my laptop; it looks as new as the day I received it.  The right click key is secure and tight.  I'm sure that button would have the same problem were the button functions reversed.


I am very technical and an engineer so I'm sure of what the problem is.  I would be glad to talk to a hardware support person at HP to discuss.  Being transferred to technical support isn't going to do any good.  Ultimately, however, it is a matter for HP Customer Service to provide a proper solution and response.


Problems like this are cheap to fix yet make the products feel cheaply made ( and rightfully so.)  The latter is a very expensive problem for HP.  The fact that just one customer would switch to another brand because of the time and cost to fix a minor hardware issue should be of great concern to HP.  When a customer takes the time to just register for this forum to post an issue or reply for an apparent common problem indicates a substantiated problem. 


I have owned 3 HP desktops and would purchase another desktop yet that decision will ultimately be decided on HP's overall customer service and response to any issue.  My laptop experience has been problematic.  I had to replace the hard drive due to a recognized problem by HP.  The laptop battery provides far below the usage time per specifications.  I Really want to love my laptop.  If someone from HP reads these posts, I would be more than happy to discuss these issues directly.


Mark Davis

New York City 


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Re: Laptop Left click - a bit broken.

I also registered for the sole purpose of telling HP they lost a ling time customer over this issue.


Mine broke after light and careful use.  I reported it to HP during the warranty period, but could not afford to let them have my laptop-I use it 24/7 for my business.


When I finally had time to fix it, they wouldn't even sell me the part!!


HP - I've been buying your products for 20+ years . . . calculators, laser printers, computers.  As far as I'm concerned your company can go to he!! .



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Re: Laptop Left click - a bit broken.

Has anyone gotten this problem fixed?


My left click button broke after about a year (it was usable if pressed carefully, but loose in its socket and a hassle), so I switched the functions on the two buttons.  The right click button broke about 8 months after that. 


I'd love to get this fixed somehow. 


HP Pavilion dv6t-1200

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Re: Laptop Left click - a bit broken.

Arghhhhhhh - I have a Compaq Presario CQ60-224NR and my left click is broken as well.

this laptop is only 3 yrs old.

totally annoying. Anyone find a fix for this that doesn't cost an arm and leg or require sending

out for repair?

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Re: Laptop Left click - a bit broken.

[ Edited ]

I know this won't solve your problem, but it's a helpful thing to know about laptops: After a lot of use of any key on the trackpad, the click sensor under that particular button may depress, which means that in order to click with that button, you have to press harder on it, which may cause some fatigue in your hand, along with a small amount of damage to the trackpad over time. In order to avoid this, I'd suggest reversing the keys (i.e. making the right-click on the left side, making the left click on the right side, etc.), using the "tap-click" function of the trackpad (if you can on your laptop)(Tap-Click = tapping the trackpad near the middle to click), or connecting an external USB Mouse. I had a similar problem with my tm2t that I just described before this, but I'm not sure if it was fixed or not. (I sent it to the Repair Facility to fix a cracked screen, and it never got back because it was discontinued.) Due to the fact that I never saw it again after July 18, 2011, I don't know if it was fixed or not.

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