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Overheating Problem on Pavillion dv7-1270ca
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Re: Overheating Problem on Pavillion dv7-1270ca

@Gregthehandsome, people are giving others work arounds for this problem because hp is to cheap and ignorant to admit they made a bad design. I highly doubt that they will recall these laptops.
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Re: Overheating Problem on Pavillion dv7-1270ca

I am also getting overheating errors, and it shuts down.  I have to allow it to cool or put a fan on it so it will coem back.  I did find a post expalining that we should upgrade to the latest bios and choose the fan off/on option, vaccuum the heck out of the vents, and restart.  I did try vaccuuming the vents - the fan clamed down and it didn't over heat for a week!  I was so happy.  Then the problems resurfaced.  I know put my "lap" top on my table - so now it is a table top.  It sits on a large Ikea trivet that keeps it from overheating immediately.  My next step will be to buy the table top (so not ergo) it's own personal fan.

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Re: Overheating Problem on Pavillion dv7-1270ca

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Hello, was wondering if you ever proceeded with that filing and if there were any results. I too have a DV7-1267cl and it gets hot as a *&%#. It got so hot to the point it fried the motherboard, several chips on the motherboard self distructed. I'm glad I was here when it happened. I have at times, left the laptop running unattended. This may be one of those problems where HP will do nothing until a certain number of people lose their life....very sad, it's all about the numbers...

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Re: Overheating Problem on Pavillion dv7-1270ca

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This laptop is full of s****

It is the worst laptop I ever bought. 

The pad with left and right click is too hard to click, the fan works like mad all the time and the battery doesn’t hold enough power to last!

What is wrong with HP?

This was the very first time I bought a HP laptop and spent £1200.

I had to buy a SSD hard drive for £160 to cut down the heat but it didn't do much as the fan kept spinning like mad.

I then bought a fan base from ebay:

(Please note the link above is not the best price so I will suggest you to do some research before you buy one)

The unit for £8 did the trick but I no longer have a laptop but a work station as I have to carry everything with me wherever I go in order to do my job.

How hard is it for HP to test their products before they release them?

An extra fan within the laptop could do the trick but no they are only concerned with profit!


I’m sure there are other dissatisfied customers who will be looking elsewhere for laptops when they need to replace their current one.  Not only was the product rubbish but the customer service was poor and I have spent the last year trying to find a solution myself.

HP will never see another £ from me.


Thanks HP for doing nothing!Smiley Frustrated

if you are happy with my solution, please click here!



PS. Be aware! There is nothing to do with dust in the fan (Don’t open your laptop as your warranty will be void). This is HP’s trick not to pay you back. 

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Re: Overheating Problem on Pavillion dv7-1270ca

I know it is discouraging they don't give away Laptops they cost a few bucks and you would like to believe the HP name meant something in the way of quality and service.


Instead it means to many just the opposite. We had purchased HP products for years so we were comfortable with laying out a few dollars to replace a DELL laptop we had stolen when our home was broken into.


Everything mentioned in this forum happened to us as well. It is troubling and discouraging to find out HP apparently doesn't care about its reputation once they have your money.


A posting I put on another one of their forums about the prices of their ink cartilages was removed when I mentioned they are made in China out of plastic and not gold. Although you pay so much you would think they are made out of gold.


I am sure this entry will be deleted as well.

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Re: Overheating Problem on Pavillion dv7-1270ca

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If they try to follow this root, they will face all the unsatisfied customers and not just me (people have the power and the true is painful).

This is the time to say 'Enough is Enough'.

Or you will change or let other companies to do the job!

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