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Hp envy 4520

 I wanted to print stickers at home, and I bought two types of sticker papers from amazon that both have good reviews for regular inkjet printers. I tried printing them, but both of them all ended up jamming in the printer. Their dimensions  are both a little bit smaller than a piece of a4 paper so I was wondering if that’s the reason. My questions is, can hp envy 4520 printers print stickers or do I have to get a new printer? (I am pretty sure my printer works fine or regularly )

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The printer does not specifically support "sticker paper".

Few printers do so,  in fact - "sticker" paper is not like "labels" which many printers can handle without issues.



Sticker paper might have an odd surface (weird / glossy). The surface of the stickers might "catch" on the rollers.


The backing on Sticker paper might be odd thin paper or might be similar to regular paper.

Some printers do not handle "odd thin paper" backing.


 Printer Specifications for HP DeskJet 4530, 4670, ENVY 4510, 4520, OfficeJet 4650 Printers


What to do?


If the sticker paper is not one of the standard supported sizes,


IF the option is supported in your Full Feature Software (it is unclear whether custom sizes are supported in this printer in Windows - the version of the Full Feature Software might be new enough but that is not the only consideration),


Consider creating a Custom Paper Size form.


HP Document:

HP Printers - Creating Custom Paper Sizes


What else?


How you set up the job has a great deal to do with the software you are using to create / print the content.


In your print dialog / preferences / printer properties (dependent on which software you are using to submit the job),

Select Media that is thicker than normal paper.

For example,  Brochure (matte or glossy depending on your paper), labels, card paper.


The point is to find a Media (kind of paper) that is not "plain" so the printer can try to adjust the rollers to support thicker paper.


What else?


Not sure a new printer would be useful in this exact context - it depends so much on the paper you are using and whether you can find suitable paper settings.


Reminder:  Sticker paper can be weird paper.  A new printer does not automatically mean success.


If your paper is not a standard size,

If you cannot create / use a Custom Paper Size form,

then this is one thing that a new printer would likely help.



Keep in mind that budget printers (inexpensive) printers do "budget" things - read the details before you purchase to make sure what you buy provides that you expect for the money you can spend.  


In other words,

Do not make the mistake of thinking New is automatically better.


New printer purchase is not covered in this post but it is something you need to research before deciding how / if to move in this direction.





 Print Driver Settings Guide (Windows)



Printer Home Page - References and Resources – Learn about your Printer  - Solve Problems

 “Things that are your printer”

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