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Software and drivers won't install on windows 8.1!!

I have a new computer running windows 8.1.  After downloading the printer software for my all in one C4580, the files extract but then nothing happens.  I've run the scan doctor and the install wizard and the same thing happens with those downloads.  Hence, I have no way to install the software.  In task manager the setup.exe is running and using alot of CPU's and so I ended the task.  Went through the download and all the "fixes" and still with no luck.  I've tried connecting my printer with the USB cable to see if that might help.  It didn't. Please, I need help!

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Re: Software and drivers won't install on windows 8.1!!

Hello ithacagoddess Smiley Happy


Welcome to the HP Forums!


I understand the software will not run once it extracts. I will do my best to assist you! I am going to provide numerous suggestions that could assist you.


Please complete all of your Windows Updates. Doing this could install, or repair, what is necessary to resolve the issue. Use these steps when installing your updates:


1. Open "Windows Update" in Control Panel.

2. Click "Settings", and then click "Install optional updates".

3. Next, click "Check for updates".


Next, I will have you install the latest redistributable package. This is the latest version and should be installed. This is very crucial towards the success of the installation. Please download and install if from this link: Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013


There have been certain .dat files that have been known to cause this issue. They are HPOIN*.DAT and HPWINS*.DAT. Deleting whatever of these files exist could resolve the issue. To do this, go to the Charms Bar, then search and %WINDIR% and hit Enter. Once the %WINDIR% window is open, look for any files that state with HPOIN or HPWINS and delete them.


If you have McAfee Live Safe installed, this program might be causing the issue. This software directly interferes with our printer software. Disabling the entire program should be done. The Spyware Realtime Scanner is the particular function that causes these issues.


In addition to disabling that program, you can perform a clean boot to disable everything else that might cause an issue. Here are some instructions on how to do this: Performing a Clean Boot in Windows


At this point, I would try reinstalling the printer software. Please use the Printer Install Wizard when installing the software: HP Printer Install Wizard for Windows


Please respond to this post after you try everything! I do have additional troubleshooting to suggest if this fails. Thanks for choosing the HP Forums. Have a great day! Smiley Happy



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Re: Software and drivers won't install on windows 8.1!!

Im having the same issue.... Why do we have to go all these procedures!!!???? Ive test all possible solution from hp discussion board... so far nothing works... I cant run the drivers after extraction.. I cant scan using my HP printer scanner!!!!

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Re: Software and drivers won't install on windows 8.1!!

HP Installer (Setup for Scanners, Printers of Hewlett Packard) fails in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. This happens regardless of your setup version or product/device. The following erros occure
1. HP Installer has stopped working
2. Please wait some more
3. A fatal error has occured, which prevents usage of the device.

Go to Control Panel / Programs and Featuers / Windows-Components and select ".NET Framework 3.5.1" or ".NET Framework 3.5 (includes 2.0 and 3.0)" [exact wording depends on your OS]. Once this feature is installed simply run your setup flawlessly.

HP Installer checks prerequisites (such as free space and ram). If it does not find .NET framework it attempts to install this one via a .NET Framework Redistributable. Unfortunately this procedure has been deprecated by Microsoft (from now on you need to select this feature manually [or install it via console with DISM / Powershell-Cmdlets]). The installer stupidly assumes that the framework got installed and continues which causes crashes and sideeffects... (for details see %temp%\hpbcsiInstallerBootstrap.log ).

PS: Shame on you HP because this error exists since years (before 2010 until v15 in 2016!).
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Re: Software and drivers won't install on windows 8.1!!

I have spent ALL DAY on this and a lot of time before this. It gets through everything then the installation fails even though the printer is detected by my computer. I tried all of HPs steps. I am not an IT professional, this should not be a printer where you have to be an IT professional for it to work or where I have to spend a bunch of money taking my computer and printer somewhere to be fixed!



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Re: Software and drivers won't install on windows 8.1!!

Hi @ewood2014


Welcome to the HP Forums!


Thank you for posting your query in this forum, it's a great place to find answers.


I reviewed your post and I understand that you are having issues installing the printer software.


I’d love to help!


Recommend you to uninstall the printer again from Programs and features (Control Panel)


Check in device manager, if the printer is listed there, please delete it.


Go to devices and printers, select any printer listed there and you will get some options on the top. 


  • Click on print server properties. 
  • You will get a popup, click on the driver's tab and delete all the HP printer drivers listed there if any.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Update the firmware on the printer using the control panel on the printer. (Will require the printer to be connected to your wireless network.)
  • Once the PC is on the desktop, press Win + R, it would bring a Run dialog box, 
  • Type %temp% in the run box and click Ok or hit the Enter button.
  • It would bring up the temporary files folder. Delete the files in the folder (You might not be able to delete all the files).
  • Restart the PC again. 
  • Download the latest full feature driver from and install it on the computer. 
  • If possible, delete the printer from the registries using Regedit or using any other 3rd party application. 
  • If the issue persists, please contact our phone support for assistance. 


Let me know how it goes and you have a great day!


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Take care.



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