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6310 network connection problems, software re-install problems

My HP Officejet 6310 all-in-one is plugged into my router, running print jobs for my Windows 7 desktop PC which is also plugged into the router, and for a Windows 7 notebook PC which connects to the local network via Wi-Fi.

A few days ago, it stopped printing for the laptop.  It said the printer was off-line, though it still prints desktop jobs.


  1. Desktop HP Solutions Center software no longer runs properly – acts like it’s not connected – no “Status” button, no ink display, but the Printer Toolbox does show ink levels; the main screen shows the printer as “$FriendlyName$”

  2. Printer display says “no computer connection” in response to “General Troubleshooting” on the panel.

  3. Yet the printer still prints desktop-initiated jobs.

  4. Added the 6310 as additional printer (Copy 1) on the laptop and it now prints laptop jobs,too.

  5. I can’t run a scan from the HP Solutions Center  – says “HP imaging device was not found.”  But if I go to the program files folder and find the scan application, it will scan.

  6. I tried to reinstall the whole software package from the website.  After the lengthy download and file extraction process, the install screen appears, but when I click on “install,” it says “the system cannot find the file specified.”  It can’t find the read-me file, either.  But I can find these files in the temp folder!

  7. In response to “Fix Printing,” HP Print and Scan Doctor says everything checks out OK.  In response to “Fix Scanning,” it says “the full software solution for your product is not installed . . .”

  8. HP Printer Install Wizard says “the current full HP software is already installed and drivers appear to be installed correctly.”  It prints a test page successfully and runs a test scan successfully, too.  This is from the desktop PC.

  9. When I boot my PC it tries to install the HP 6300 series driver and fails.

  10. Windows Devices and Printers screen – shows my PC needs troubleshooting.  When I do so, it tries to find and install the HP 6300 drivers and fails.  Double-clicking on the PC icon brings up a scanner screen??

  11. I have a dozen or more temp file folders that appear to be the result of my repeatedly extracting the full system software from the download. Can I delete all these?

  12. I am afraid to uninstall the HP Solutions software because of my difficulties with reinstalling it, which would leave me with no printer software at all.

  13. As a perhaps unrelated and sporadic (perhaps 1 in 4) phenomenon, going on for months, I would turn the printer on and send a print job, which would hang.  I would then load up HP Solution Center, which would tell me the printer was not connected.  I would then try to turn the printer off and back on again, but it would not turn off.  The display would read “shutting down” but would hang.  The only way I could shut the printer off was to disconnect it from its AC source.

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Re: 6310 network connection problems, software re-install problems

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Hi BobF49 and welcome to the HP Forum,


I understand that you are having network connection problems. I will try my best to help you resolve this issue. To better assist you could you give me some more information. You mention that the printer and the desktop are plugged into the router, is that with a Ethernet cable or a USB cable? Did you upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7?


I suggest following the steps in this document for 'No HP devices have been detected' Message Displays on the Computer When Opening HP Solution Center ...


I hope this document works for you, let me know how it goes please.


Thank you,


I worked on behalf of HP.
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Re: 6310 network connection problems, software re-install problems

Thanks for trying to help.  To answer your questions - 1) my cable connections for the printer and the desktop PC to the router are both Ethernet, and 2) I never was running Vista, only Windows 7.


Note that I am now able to get the printer to scan to my desktop and to print for both my desktop PC and my notebook (Wi-Fi connection), but only by unorthodox means - 1) I scan by going to the HP Digital Imaging sub-folder in my program files folder, and clicking on hpiscnapp, and 2) I got the notebook to print by adding a printer that was in fact the same printer - Copy 1.


Note also that I get conflicting information from HP Print and Scan Doctor and HP Printer Install Wizard about whether I have the full software installed or not and whether drivers are installed or not.  Keep in mind, as I point in the first Note above, that I can in fact now actually print and scan, though the diagnostics say I don't have the drivers to do those things!


Lastly, please note that I cannot get the full software reinstall to run, which might have fixed all of the problems.  Because of that, I am very reluctant to attempt to uninstall the software, fearing that I will be left without any printing and scanning capabilities.  Then I will have to drop the 6310 out my upper story window.


I look forward to hearing your possible solutions.  I have not yet attempted the solutions listed in the HP document you reference below, to give you the answers to your questions first.



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Re: 6310 network connection problems, software re-install problems

Hi BobF49,


I understand your frustrations with this issue. Did you do any of the steps in the document that I sent you? In devices and printers is there more than one printer showing? ie. copy 1 etc.  If there is a duplicate, is it showing in the list of printers on the print page? When you run the Print and Scan Doctor did you choose the Photosmart 6310 (copy 1) when you ran it?


Let me know please.


Thank you,

I worked on behalf of HP.
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Re: 6310 network connection problems, software re-install problems

Thanks Advance23 for your concern and assistance.  Before I answer your questions, please note that this AIO has been working pretty much normally for several years, with the same PC/router/network setup.  On the theory that no information is irrelevant, I was recently switched from AT&T DSL to AT&T U-verse (fiber optic) with a new router, but still hardwired up as before.  The problems did not develop immediately after this change to U-verse.  Pertinent?


To answer your questions:

1.  Regarding the series of solutions offered, first note that "No HP devices have been detected" is not a message I received.  When I click on SCAN in HP Solution Center, I get the message "The HP imaging device was not found"  and the printer's panel display (set up - help - general troubleshooting) says "No connection."

 - Solution 1 - successfully printed HP Network configuration page.  Step 3 - pinged, got 4 packets sent, 4 received

 - Solution 2 - DIM icon appears in notification area.  In Task Manager, Processes tab doesn't actually say if a process is running or not, just if it is on the list and how much memory and CPU it's using.  Both hpqtra08 and hpqste08 both appear under processes tab but do not appear under the services tab, where "running" status would've shown up.  But since the DIM icon appears, I skipped to the next Solution.

 - Solution 3 - pml driver hpz12.  I started in Task Manager - under services tab it was listed as stopped.  Right clicked and started it.  Warm re-boot - pml drive hpz12 still listed as running in Task Manager services tab.  Per the instructions, I tried the services folder - hpz12 was already listed as start-up type "automatic" and status was "started."  No change in my problem.

 -  Solution 4 - double-clicking Devices and Printers gets the same result as single clicking (left) .  I can't get to "server properties."  Is this how Windows 7 should be working?

 - Solution 5 - I am running McAfee Security Center, with its firewall, and I believe my gateway also has a firewall.  Neither listed in the table.  Gave up on this Solution.

 - Solution 6 - as I said, since the install program won't run (can't find the file, though I can find it in my directory), I am reluctant to completely uninstall the software.  If the install program won't run afer I uninstall, the 6310 is a paper weight.


To answer your other questions:

2. Under Devices & Printers - 2 HP Officejet 6300 Series icons appear, one labeled (Copy 1) and the other not.

3.  Regarding the print page, I assume you mean like a print page in sofware like Word.  If that is correct assumption, the answer is yes - both appear.  (Copy 1) is the default printer, status "ready" and the other's status is "offline."

4.  Print & Scan Doctor finds 3 products:

      HP Officejet 6300 Series (Copy 1) Connect: Network (IP address) - software status - installed

      HP Officejet 6300 Series - no copy # - Connect: USB (but there is no USB connection) status - installed

      HP Officejet 6300 Series, IP address   Connect: Network (IP address)  Software status - installed.

  I ran the Doctor on the first one (Copy 1), with the results outlined in earlier posts.


I know this is a lot of stuff to wade through, but you asked!!  Thanks for trying.  Right now it prints for both the Ethernet connected desktop and Wi-Fi connected notebook, and it scans if I go to the subfolder to find the scan application, as I described earlier.  HP Solution Center is junk right now, and if I scan from the app in the program files subfolder, it telles me it hasn't saved the result, though in fact it has.


Thanks again.  Looking forward to what you come up with.  Is it possible the problem is with firmware/software in the 6310 itself, and if so, can it be reinstalled?



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