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HP CUE Device Discovery Service
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Re: HP CUE Device Discovery Service

I am considered an experienced PC user and give assistance from years to many people around, but the many problems arise on installing HP All -In-One printers are behyond my comprehension and capabilities. How can HP managers accept this low level of quality in their software? Only the graphic interface is at the same level of competition. THE HW is OK but t should be set in the working and promised condition without horrible efforts from the customers.

These HP CUE DEVICE DISCOVERY SERVICE problems are second only to the following:

it was impossible after a system crash to reinstall  an HP printer in WIndows XP SP3 that was previously installed without problems on the same computer when still at level XP SP1. Any cleanig effort was done, except to start again from XP SP1. Now the printer is a  cumbersome ornament.

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Re: HP CUE Device Discovery Service

Blah... I don't consider myself "advanced" but I've had zero problems installing or doign whatever with HP printers or any their products.

yeah I am single & have plenty of time on hands to STUDY stuff, but really it's not that hard to fix things for yourself.

I pray Windows software won't succomb to Applish approach which declares 99.9% customers are too stu[pid] & need it digested down to elementary particles.  because that's where Windows Vista already ventured, with Windows7 being a patch (fix) for Vista, Windeows8 however now seems to be back to "idee-0t proof" mode where your desktop is changed to Tiles and other ree tard ed "improvements".


Install printer.  Check services added to services.msc, check which ones on Auto, check msconfig.exe --> StartUp Services Tab.  lastly, I hope it's not too hard to type properly configured keywords into Google and get answer(s).


At least I have no problems, though I admit one sin:

I am a prof. engineer.  Maybe computers ARE STILL difficult for general population, I don't know.   I come from the days when we loaded software in hexadecimals (heck, I remember Binaries!), using bootstrapper o rloaders like "Monitor", CP/M and then MS DOS 3.0, I remember Windows 3.1

People get duuu mber very year.  Usenet/newsgroups are now esoteric rather than popular, and what's popular is "Web Forums"

The last straw is iPhone/iPad - clearly meant for computer duu mmies

"Real men" use Android e.g. Motoroal Atrix (mine), or at ;east HTC or Galaxy, real man use Android tablets.


World is gettung duuum ber.

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Re: HP CUE Device Discovery Service

I used to program bootstraps in binary from the computer console but this is not the question; at the time I had a complete doocumentation on the computer; it is not the same with HP SW; they use to underestimate the requirements and after, as a solution toi problems,  they suggest the customer to change their PC with a more powerfull model! I wonder why SW for HP printers is ten times bigger then other brand. May be they should use a different approach and a different programming language.

They should also speach each other: the printers are called in different ways in the marketing and technical documents and neither in the documentation or even in the machine labels the exact model is present. You have to print the internal id from the panel to know. The drivers are not updated to the evolution of WIndows. After years of use I had to change brand despite the good quality of HP HW.

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Re: HP CUE Device Discovery Service

[ Edited ]

Guys, this thread is four years old as of today's date, and I have been stuggling to find an answer as to why my computer was so slow in booting up. After I found out here and else where that the problem was directly related to HP's "Cue Device Discovery Service" bogging down my PC, and the service hpqcxs08 running, after disabling these troublesome things, my computer is back and running normally.


I have used HP printers for many years and have never run into a problem such as this. HP still hasn't resolved this problem yet?


Fine, I no longer will buy HP printer products any longer. The hours I have spent trying to fix this issue is the direct reason why I am quiting on HP. If CEO Meg Whitman, by some miracle, ever reads this message and thread, you now know why HP customers are jumping onboard to other printers made by your rivals.


If this issue was well known by HP, why hasn't it been addressed or fixed? There is no way to remove this horrible bit of coding from my computer...only am able to diable it. It is unwelcome and a pain; it is sloppy coding and an intrusion on computers. It's worse than a virus because you can't delete the services.


Thanks for not listening to your customers and burying your head in the sand. As for me, goodbye HP; hello Canon.

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Re: HP CUE Device Discovery Service

[ Edited ]

Found a way to remove it, but this is only for experts or people who feel very comfortable in using the regedit program to make changes in the registry. If this doesn't make sense to you, stay far away because these actions, if not performed correctly, could seriously bork your computer. You have been warned.


This worked on my XP computer. Here are the steps:


First, make sure you make a restore point before you start. If anything goes wrong, you can restore.


1. From start menu, choose "run" and type regeit.

2. Under the edit menu, select "find."

3. The HP Cue DeviceDiscoveryService is labled with an internal name. It is called hpqddsvc.

4. Type this name into the find box.

5. regedit will locate it and highlight the listing.

6. click on this folder and delete it.

7. Reboot your computer, and the HP Cue DeviceDiscoveryService is gone.

8. Note: You may get a "system item cannot be found" message after the reboot but close the window and on the next reboot it won't show again.


I also noticed other hp services listed in the registry as well. They all start with "hp" such as hppcxs08. I deleted each and every one of them because I can't stand any hp code living in my computer any longer. They were all found in the same area as the pesky CUE code.


If all this terrible code sits in your computer without your permission once you install an HP printer, this is exactly why I am never going to buy an HP printer again. The HP Cue DeviceDiscoveryService slowed my computer's bootup time by literally minutes.


Now that all forms of HP code are gone, my computer boots up from the main screen in less than 25 seconds.

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Re: HP CUE Device Discovery Service

I agree 100% - still no word from HP ...

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