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Officejet 7610 keeps going offline and I can't get it back online. Windows 8 platform

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We just bought an Officejet Wide format 7610 printer for our home business.  We are running Windows 8.  We have the printer connected to the phone line as well as the internet because we need the fax feature.  At first, it set up fine through a wired ethernet connection.  Even did an eprint off my tablet. Next morning, it was offline and I had to reinstall the software, but never could get the wired connection working again.


Next step was wireless connection and again worked for an hour then stopped.  Did some research and tried the static IP address fix.  It worked for 4 prints, then went offline and I can't get it back online for anything.  Tried restarting the computer, the printer, reconnecting the printer, re-syncing with the router. 


My husband is getting furious as we really need this to get our invoicing and proposals out and he is about ready to return it.  I can't reinstall the software every single time we print and I can't keep unhooking wires as we could get jobs with workorders over the fax at any moment.


Please help!

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I am having the same ongoing problem. The printer indicates it is still connected to the wireless router, and the IP address matches the address the computer has forthe printer, but the two will not communicate.  I have to shut off and unplug the printer, shut off the computer, unplug the wireless modem router, then wit one minute for everything to reset and plug/turn on everything again.  After this process I am OK to print for a while, maybe one day, maybe two or three days.  




Has anyone come up with a solution?  I wonder if HP is montioring the forum, and has any ideas.

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I am as well.  I have a friend who has the generation before this unit and has nothing but issues.  I think it has to do with the eco mode.  I'm still testing.  If another mfg made affordable 11x17 I would have abandoned HP long ago.  They seem hell bent on bloat and bad software vs quality hardware.  10 years ago I would have never said this.  I still have an HP 8100 churning away.  The good old days!



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I'm using Windows10 and an HP OfficeJet 7612 Wide Format printer, and I'm getting the same response.  (The printer automatically returns to a mode in which I get a message that the printer is Offline even when it is NOT.


HP Print Doctor helps resolve the issue by changing the device settings so that the device is shared.  Unfortunately, something is changing the device settings back to unshared.  This has never happened to any prior printer.



I must find a solution soon, or I will be forced to  return it to Best Buy!

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I have 4 HP OfficeJet printers at my office, all setup wireless.

Almost everytime I use these printers they are Offline. Overnight, this (Offline) can (will) happen.

If you read the HP Forums you will find a thread in all of these posts.... HP knows this is an issue, has known this, and really has no solution to fix it except "hook your printer (s) up with a USB or ethernet/network cable".

Most of us purchased these HP printers to use them as a Wireless Device.


It very disappointing that a company like HP cannot design and sell a printer that "Stays Online!!!!!!"

EVERY HP OfficeJet printer  with Wireless I have ever purchased (7610, 7612, 5560, 5740, 6830, 8610 etc.) has this issue.


The only consistent solution I know to fix this is this:


  1. Clear any print jobs in the printer que. *
  2. Turn off your printer (s).
  3. Turn off your PC.
  4. Turn off your router and or router/modem device. Also, unplug or power off any Range Extenders.
  5. Turn on your modem/router or router, and any Range Extenders.
  6. Turn on your printer (s) back on.
  7. Turn on your PC (s) back on. 
  8. Now, go to Control Panel, Devices & Settings (Win 8 & 10), or Printers (Win 7 etc.)
  9. Look to see any connected printers as dark black icons, not faded or "offline".
  10.  Look at your printer (s) front panel and the blue wireless symbol and light, it should be constant, not flashing. Now, test your printer.
  11. While in Devices & Printers right click your printer, left click "Printer Properties" and left click "Print test Page".

HP OfficeJet icon 

After this process is complete all connected wireless printers should have dark black icons as seen above.


Best of luck!


 * To clear the printer que....

  1. Click on the Start Button, select Devices and Printers.
  2. Right click on the printer icon, select See what's printing.
  3. From the print queue window, select the Printer menu, then select Cancel All Documents.
  4. Confirm all jobs have cleared from the queue.
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I have found that just turning off the printer and turning it backon solaes the problem (wireless connection)  This is a real pain in the yump but at least it works.  I agree, HP should be able to solae this problem for us.  I am loyal to HP, have had many HP printers, plotters, etc.  They need to get Carly Fiorina back IMHO.

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