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Common problems HP Solution Center not working : Adobe Flash Player Error and Unable to scan
We would like to share some of the most frequently asked questions about HP Solution Center not working : Adobe Flash Player Error and Unable to Scan.
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I realize I am late to the party here but maybe this will help someone else since I finally got things to work.


PROBLEM: Even though you set up a scan share correctly the printer/scanner will not connect to it. You instead get the error "Cannot connect to the network folder. Ensure the shared folder name is correct."


SOLUTION: I can only assume HP needs to update their hardware to correctly use SMBv2 / SMBv3 in Win7+ OSes but as of the latest firmware for my device (dated 20150212) it doesn't seem to work on its own.



This seems to be a problem with the HP printer wanting to use SMBv1 only.

I used this MS article https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2696547 to disable SMBv2 / SMBv3 and lo and behold the multifunction could properly authenticate to my scanning share. Unfortunately, MS recommends NOT running only SMBv1 because you miss out on a lot of networking niceties, including large performance and security improvements.

Having said that, here's what you can do to at least test if this is your issue.

0) Use ERUNT, system restore, export the reg key, or do something else to backup the registry in case you mess something up or just want to revert back

1) Use regedit to navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters

2) Right click - new DWORD (32-bit) value, set name as SMB1, set value to 1 (0=disabled, 1=enabled)

3) Right click - new DWORD (32-bit) value, set name as SMB2, set value to 0

4) Reboot PC and test the scan share

NOTE: Neither registry key was there for me running Win7 Pro 64, so I created both. You may already have these keys, if so you can simply adjust them accordingly.


*I have played around with setting both SMB# registry values to "1" (enabled) or even deleting them both (returning my registry to its original state) and after a reboot my scanner is still able to authenticate to the share. I even tried deleting the old share and creating a new one and it still worked. I don't get it (and who knows if it will STAY working), but perhaps the post will still help someone.

**Edited to fix the way this forum handled the link

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This is great stuff!  Seams to be a logical reason for the network scanning to no longer work.  If this is the case it is disappointing the latest hardware does not address is!  Have you had any contact with HP on this issue/resolution or did you come up with it on your own?


I don't want to disable the latest version of SMB on my corporate file server, but I may look into other ways to get what I need using your solution.




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I did not contact HP on the issue because I honestly didn't have much faith in a response based on the feedback on this forum. It seemed like they had gone about as far as they were willing to go with regards to troubleshooting.

I tried to piece together information from various posts. This isn't a showstopper for me since it's just on the home PC and luckily we don't run things like this at any of our main clients (knock on wood). But it is annoying since I can see there is nothing wrong with the share itself and I know before I did a huge round of Windows updates on this PC (new build) that it seemed to be working just fine.


The odd thing is that the scan share is still working after removing the registry changes I made. This is a little disconcerting, as I wonder how much of a difference they really made. (See last part of my previous post)


As for disabling SMBv2 or 3.....yeah, I wasn't willing to do this at home except as a test. I certainly wouldn't recommend it in a production environment. Who knows what additional things that will screw up and/or what security holes you will be opening. But hopefully it is useful from a purely informational standpoint. Please keep me posted if you figure anything additional out.

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Just had a break-trough with this problem in an Apple environment. Thought others may benefit if in similar situation.


I have a TP-Link router/load-balancer/DHCP server. This device wired with 2 Apple Time Capsules  (2014 edition) in bridging mode which both provides wifi APs. Using default settings as far as possible to avoid mess up.


Scan to a Time Capsule drive has been dysfunctional and irratic at best.


The solution to my problem was to enable "IGMP Snooping" in the Time Capsule setup (both of them). Network name even works, so no need for IP address. Just remember to replace any space characters (" ") in the TC name with a dash ("-").


So, if the Time Capsule (or Airport Extreme, I suppose) name is "TC 1",  and disk name is "Data", it's address name  is : "\\tc-1\data"


If you have secured shared disks with device password, use this in the scan destination setup, and keep username blank.


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Hello Everyone,


We have encountered the same problems in our coporate infrastructure: using file server on MS Windows Server 2012 and a set of HP printers, including MFP200. 


Wondering, if somebody have found some magic update from HP to solve the issue without disabling (even temporarily) the SMB v2 and 3.



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We are having the same issue here.

For some reason all our computers lost connection to the scanner, but we can print with no problems.
Why is this happening?

Maybe, the only "New" thing is that we change the Home Group (we wanted to share another printer).

I'll try tomorrow by removing the home group, but I really don't know if this is the problem.

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Hey Folks I have a MFP 476 that has the same issue.  This just started happening in the last 7 days.  Prior to that everything worked perfectly.  I am running windows 10 on my HP laptop.  The only thing that may have changed in the past 7 days would be a microsoft patch that came down.    


I was going crazy trying to get this to work last night and stumbled on this scenario.  I tried deleting the share and re-adding it but that did not work.  Finally I took the laptop and plugged it into a hardwired connection on my network and the scanning function  started workng.  So this points to something in the wireless connection.  I am not sure where to go from here but maybe someone on the chain might have an idea.      



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That sounds similar to what my situtation was (Win7 working fine until I did a round of updates and then my HP would no longer scan from the unit to the share on my Win7 PC) so I would encourage you to check out my first post about changing SMBv# settings in the registry as a test to see if you can make it work. Obviously, this is a workaround and only appropriate for testing. You don't want to run like that even at home. In a business enviroment, you may not even want to try this as a temporary test.

For whatever reason, once I did this and tested the scanner (it worked) and then reverted the registry changes.....it still worked. Go figure. For home this is ok but it is definitely curious behavior and something that warrants further investigation if you are in a business environment. This was not the case for me so I decided to let it go so as not to torture my home users 😃


Of course, since switching to the wired lan worked (vs WLAN connection) you should go through Gemini02's popular post and make sure it isn't something simple like the wireless being marked as Public, blocking network sharing, etc.


Good luck and please do report back even if you solve it. Follow-ups are immensely helpful for anyone searching out answers in the future.

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I fixed this problem with a little help from an IT guy from work.  AS expected this is Big Brother (Microsoft) trying to help you.  An update must have come down and made a setting change to my Windows 10 laptop.  I went into the wireless settigs for the adapter and selected the advanced settings and in there my file sharing was turned off.  I turned this on and now this once again works perfectly for me.  Not sure if this is the fix for every one but its worth a look.  


Good Luck 

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Windows 10 is pretty notorious right now for system updates changing settings from what you made them without telling you. Hopefully they will start changing this unwelcome behavior.
In any event, thanks for coming back to post. While not exactly what some of us are facing, I'm sure some troubled future Windows 10 users in the same boat as you will soon thank you for your efforts.
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