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Bang & Olufsen audio is not working, just the 2 default pc speakers are.

HP ENVY Notebook M9F50EA
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased an HP Envy 15 notebook with Bang & Olufsen audio and it seems that the speakers designated for the B&O audio are not working. I have tried driver updates and installed whatever update there was and everything is "up-to-date". I have troubleshooted sound problems, done every process it has guided me through but no solution has been found yet There is supposed to be sound coming from the long speaker grille as shown shown below - 











But instead sound is coming from two two tinny sounding speakers at the back of the laptop-


There's also supposed to be a subwoofer at he back right up here^^^ near the fan. But there seems to be no bass present in the sound as the speaker grille and the subwoofer are not working.

As you can see -Capture.PNG

I have adjusted the bass levels to maximum on both- the equalizer and the slider beside it and I have even ticked the 'Bang & Olufsen box' to ensure that sound is being played in the B&O mode. Using these settings I have tried playing various different songs and watching movies but the sounds only seem to come from the two tiny back speakers. Nothing from the subwoofer or the grille.


Overall, I believe that from the money I paid  for the whole laptop, some of the value is for the "Hi-Fi" B&O upgraded audio system which is not working but instead playing sounds from the default laptop speakers. I would really appreciate and be thankful to who ever knows the solution to this issue.




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