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Omen Desktop PC 880-p0xx
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Recently purchased an Omen Desktop that I am very much enjoying with the exception of one major issue: since initial setup, I have been experiencing an issue with disk usage always being at 100%. Usage in Task manager will hover around 0-2% when no application is opened, and then shoot to 100% when opening an application. Some applications stabilize after roughly 5 mins and drop to 25% disk usage while heavy applications like games will continuously run at 100%.

  • Hard Disk Drive is a Toshiba DT01ACA100 (914gb)


As a result, most applications take a long time to load. Some games do not render environments or characters correctly for the first 5 minutes of the level (looks like the textures folded on top of themselves). I have even had some applications crash unexpectedly with error codes varying and being generally ambiguous on forums.


Some interesting thoughts I have noted:

  • Windows may be acting like the disk has a very small capacity. Even applications that are running at 2.0mbps are consuming 75% disk
  • The CPU and RAM are fine and hardly exceed the 30% marks, even on tough applications.


Things I have tried that did not work:

  • Making sure all my drivers were up to date
  • Lots of tricks around the internet.  I have tried the google chrome and skype fixes. I tried changing the registry key for that one AHCI controller. I did a clean boot and tested each application and service to see if there was a particular one like Superfetch or Windows Defender that was causing the issue.
  • Ran in safe mode
  • Reimaged my PC
  • Ran HP diagnostic tool from boot menu, chkdisk, defragmentor. No errors and defragmentor said 0% fragmented.
  • Spoke with HPSA representatives. They were very friendly and tried their best, trying a lot of the above again to confirm. They sent me a fresh copy of Win10 on USB which did not work either. Case is being escalated.

Thing I tried that kind of worked:

  • Attached a spare hard drive as a secondary drive. The applications that ran on the problem drive continued having issues, but the ones on the spare drive ran just fine. I was able to run my most performance intensive games on the spare drive with no problems.

Intrestingly, when the spare drive is attached (it is tiny, only 237gb). Task Manager recognizes the primary drive as 30% of disk usage and the tiny spare as 70%. This means that when the primary is doing its problematic thing and running at 100%, task manager shows 30% disk usage total. Supports my earlier theory that somehow the drive is being recognized as having a much smaller capacity than it really does.


None of this leads me any closer to understanding what the issue might be though. If a spare drive works, does that mean the primary one is faulty? If so why did all the disk check return good with no issues? Could it sill possibly be a firmware/sofware issue? If so why didn't reimaging the pc or installing a fresh copy of win10 provided by HP fix it? Any ideas?


tl;dr - hard drive usage always 100%, disk checks show no errors, clean windows install doesn't fix it, secondary hard drive runs just fine.

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