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Mouse Position Polling/Keyboard Polling - Potential Bug/Fix

Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hello all!


Loving HP RGS. I finally got my setup where I want it and I couldn't be happier! Just have one last issue to report in about, was hoping one of the devs might be able to chime in here as I think I know what the issue is (I could be wrong though)


I am 100% willing to test it if I happen to be correct and the devs are willing to roll out a patch to address it or help me troubleshoot. I am on the latest version (7.4) and my sender is a Windows 10 x64 machine with the latest updates (v 1709)


I noticed in some graphically intense applications that 'capture' the mouse and keyboard, such as video game engines/sdks, the mouse suddenly becomes incredibly unresponsive and the keyboard will occasionally stop reporting keystrokes.


In normal windowed applications that don't capture the mouse, everything functions perfectly. According to the research I've done on the topic, this has to do with how the remote protocol, in this case RGS, polls the mouse position/keyboard keystrokes and how applications report this information.


According to this post on the NVIDIA forums, the GRID SDK, which I assume RGS uses for NVENC and NVDEC, contains code for handling mouse/keyboard input. I've tested this same system over NVIDIA's gamestream protocol using both the gamestream client and Moonlight (an open source 3rd party client) and under the gamestream protocol these fullscreen and/or mouse capturing applications report the mouse position and keyboard strokes correctly.


Would it be possible to implement NVIDIA's input handling in RGS given a graphics enabled pair (sender/receiver)?

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