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    Fix Windows 10 Update Issues

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Omen 15-DC1036NS
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to complain a little bit about this horrendous piece of software called "Omen Command Center"

First of all, I have two omen laptops that are new and the Windows 10 installation on it is fresh and clean, I have all of the latest drivers and updates installed.

DC-1036NS and DC-1034NS

Then there's the omen command center:


Whenever this app updates itself through windows store it logs me out of my hp account, it deletes all my profiles (even if i login again) and deletes my lighting presets and its unable to detect my games any more.

Every time the app updates itself I have to uninstall it and re install it manually for it's very limited features to work again as expected. AND NO I'm not talking about a normal uninstall reinstall situation, it's not that easy. I have to uninstall the app, go to C:/users/<username>/appdata/local/HP_inc and MANUALLY DELETE all files and folders in this directory myself, because even uninstalling leaves some residual files behind that break the app when installed again.

It took me too long to discover this inconvenient work around.


Omen CC doesn't automatically switch profiles when I launch certain games that I have made profiles for like fortnite for example, EVEN THOUGH it detects that I'm playing fortnite (according to game time section in omen CC).

Yes I'm logged in, yes I set the automatic switching on, and yes I enabled all analytics permissions. Still it doesn't automatically switch.


Both laptops have 4-zone RGB keyboards, I can customize the color of each zone and set up profiles with different colors for different games (even though the profiles don't switch automatically).

You're telling me there isn't a single lighting effect supported by this keyboard? I know effects are on Omen X laptops only BUT WHY.

Why don't you add simple effects like breathing / color cycle / moving rainbow? Other manufacturers make laptops with 1-zone RGB keyboards yet they provide animations like color cycling, It's not that difficult. I am a software developer and I have an idea of what I'm talking about.

Finally; the new Omen CC User Interface is very ugly, takes more time to reach different sections of the app and is generally counter-intuitive and broken.

I hope my voice reaches somebody who actually cares, and I hope nobody replies with generic answers like: do you have latest drivers or do you have latest windows updates.

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