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HP Recommended
HP UltraSlim Docking Station
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hey all,


We just deployed about 60 HP laptops (all current firmware and windows updates), we are using the HP 2013 UltraSlim Docking Stations for all these laptops. 


There are a bunch of minor issues sometimes requring people to shut down their laptop 100% before putting it in the dock or getting black screen random while in the dock.


I looked over some of the docs and I am seeing rev 1.0 so they must be on a early firmware.  These docks are all under warranty but, support does not allow phone support for a BASIC question.  Going to the support page shows no downloads of any type.


I found this that might adress SOME issues that has a firmware 2.24.000




Does anyone know what is the most up to date firmware for these docks that I hope will adress MOST issues ?


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HP Recommended

Ultraslim dock current firmware is 2.33 SP79015.



I work for HP.
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HP Recommended

Hello ,


From what I understand the latest Ultraslim dock firmware is 2.30

I dont see the model of the notebook listed here. Do check the driver page for the notebook model




Type the model here .select the operting system . Look under firmware and you will find .



But, in general terms , this is what needs to be followed to install 2.30


Note: Just clicking the .exe file would not be enough , the following step needs to be followed


Process of installation

1. Download the file by clicking the Download or Obtain Software button and saving the file to a folder on your hard drive (make a note of the folder where the downloaded file is saved). The default location is C:\SWSETUP\SP75855.

2. Dock the notebook unit to the HP Ultraslim Docking Station.

3. Connect a monitor to the docking station DP port using the native DisplayPort or a DP-to-VGA adapter on the dock DP port. Then make sure the monitor is enabled (powered on) from the Windows Display Manager.

4. After the DP monitor is enabled and powered on, double click the file, UpdateTool_DPHub_HP_ver2_30.exe, to run the executable. The progress bars will indicate that the update process has started.

WARNING: Do not disconnect the notebook from the dock or remove the DP monitor during this process. Performing either of these actions may cause the DP hub to become unusable.

5. Verify that the update was successfully completed by observing the status of the tool. The status should display the message, "Action complete. Downloading to storage...Success."

6. After the update is complete, undock and re-dock the notebook to enable the new firmware version.



I'm an HP employee
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HP Recommended

Ultraslim dock current firmware is 2.33 SP79015.



I work for HP.
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HP Recommended



Just to add to the previous post, dock FW 2.30 should address most "black screen" issues, if they are in fact being caused by the dock.  I also wanted to clarify that the FW is actually for the DisplayPort hub in the dock.


Having said that, there is an even newer version of the FW (2.33) that was released to accommodate some of our newer commercial laptops.  You can download it here:  ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp79001-79500/sp79015.exe.


Also be sure that laptop is running latest system BIOS and video driver.  If issues persist and you are using DisplayPort adapters to connect the monitors, try using a straight DisplayPort cable, if possible.


Hope this helps!

I work for HP
HP Recommended

Thanks is there a way in Windows to confirm what version a Dock firmware is ?

HP Recommended

Hi David

retrieve the installation package again
it could help to link the .exe file from C: \ swsetup \ SP79015 in the tasklist

the current version appears.




HP Recommended

Although last stable firmware version available from HP download page is 2.30, this version DOES NOT solve the issue. Nevertheless, with the 2.33 version that was shared here, I can confirm that it WORKS.


So, a summary of what I did to solve the problem:


  1. Update BIOS
  2. Update AMD/Intel graphic driver
  3. Update UltraSlim Docking Stating firmware
HP Recommended

Excuse me, sir. 


If You are from HP then You might be able to answer this.


The company, I work for, has the mentioned docking station and EliteBook 840, shipped with Windows10.


While docking/undocking I expect this value to be changed: 



But it is not changed, NOR are serial numbers and other properties set at all.


After some research I finally came here, because this is not os regarded, but driver regarded.


After looking on Your page, I did not find any drivers, NOR is the docking station present in the device manager tree,

so I assume, HP is hiding everything from the user, and cared a lot about the simple PLUG-AND-PLAY. 


But I want to react to the change of the mentioned registry value in a wmi script and do some stuff... 


... will the new firmware allow this ? Or is even an entire bios-update necessary ...???


Thanks a lot.

HP Recommended

This only partially solved the problem
The computer screen still turns black every now and then for half a second and returns the Tv does not do that
My Configuration HP ProBook 650 G2 Bios: N76 Ver. 01.06
Samsung screen DP1 Digital U24E590
Dp2 tv samsung UE55NU7100 4K 55 Inch Touch Screen


HP Recommended

This problem is still not resolved. The black screens still happen on this laptop (640 g2) and this docking stations. Although it's better, it still happens a lot, a lot more than it should.


Sure there is a updated firmware from a long time ago but, nothing newer.  IS there a better dock to replace these that actually work all the time ?


The team we replaced them, had Dell laptops with Dell Docking stations.  The connection rate for those were 98% with no problems. These HP 2013 slim docks ? Maybe 40-50% of the time...


For what these cost, they should be connecting 99% of the time with no problems

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