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Elite Dragonfly G2
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)



How are you ?😊


HP Power Management ( now displays that the battery needs to be replaced on my brand new HP Dragonfly G2 (bought on July 29th, 2021)



In this screenshot "Remplacement necessaire" means Replacement needed


The first time I executed this software, it displayed that the battery was "correct".


Then I disabled "Fast Charging" and enabled "Maximize my battery health" in the Power Management / Battery Health Manager section of the BIOS and let the battery drains to 40% and charge it again to 80%.

The battery charge count is 1 (I have only charged it 1 time)


I have just run a battery test on "HP PC Hardware Diagnostics for Windows". The test is "PASS"

And "HP Support Assistant" displays that the battery is good.

Is HP Power Management does not read the battery information well ? It is buggy ?


Also, according to the user manual, the battery indicator on the PC should be "Off" when the battery is fully charged. But on my PC it is "amber" and only goes off when I disconnect the AC power.


The AC power adapter passed the "HP PC Hardware Diagnostics for Windows" test too

What is your opinion ?


Thank you😀

HP PC Hardware Diagnostics for Windows results :

TestVersion =
Instance = 1
StartTime = 2021-08-02T16:09:27
ExecutionDuration = 00:00:31
Result = ExecutionPassed
PassID = 20856-63610-94658
BatteryCheckResult: 11
DevicesSupported: 1
DeviceCount: 1
Primary_ACPowerOn: True
Primary_ACAdapterOK: True

Primary_ACAdapterStatus: False

Primary_TestResult: OK
Primary_DesignCapacity: 56 WHr
Primary_FullChargeCapacity: 56 WHr
Primary_RemainingCapacity: 45 WHr
Primary_MaxError: 1
Primary_CycleCount: 1
Primary_Temperature: 25 deg C
Primary_Voltage: 8228 mV
Primary_Current: 0 mA
Primary_DesignVoltage: 7700 mV
Primary_Status: 192
Primary_SerialNumber: 02562 2021/02/02
Primary_ManufacturerName: 333-24-17-A
rimary_BatteryCTNumber: 6HWBB07TZE****
Primary_Warranty: 3
Primary_CalibrationType: 3
Primary_ChargeControl: Supported
Pimary_TempCharge: True Primary_
ChargeTest: False
Primary_ChargeCapacity: 100
Primary_TempAlarm: False
Primary_DeepDischarge: False
Primary_FullCharge: False
Primary_FullChargeStatus: False
Primary_BatteryCharge: True
Primary_DesignCycleCount: 1000



HP Recommended



I confirm that there is a bug in "HP Power Manager" software.

When :

  • "Maximize my battery health" is selected in the BIOS, 
  • The Dragonfly is fully charged, at 80%
  • The Dragonfly is connected to the AC Outlet and is not charging (because battery is charged at 80%)

Then, the software displays "Battery needs to be replaced".

In my opinion, the software thinks that the battery is defective because it is charged at 80% (instead of 100%) and is not charging. So, it displays it as defective.


Do you know how can I forward this bug to HP ?


I do not know if it is the same problem with the battery indicator located on the right side of the PC, which is always Amber ?


Thank you,


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