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Example: Zbook 15u G6 Mobile Workstation
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Would be extremely grateful of help to get my 4 Month old Zbook operating again! It failed to turn on last week, HP eng called, new motherboard diagnosed, fitted, but processor memory showed signs of it having got to hot! New module replaced yesterday, now wont boot as it is asking for bit locker encryption key? I never knew this was on there, let alone have a key copy! I have 4 months worth of work on SSD and not able to get too, i was stupid enough to have had faith in a new Note book and did not back up!!! I now work off old HP Pavillion dv9000 and this is stable and backed up; just need to know if I can get into the OS to save my data as HP have said only to reset OS!! 



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I am not an HP employee, but I've seen this before. They say:

"The Community policy prohibits us to give information about bypassing passwords, encryption keys, or other security measures."

I can tell you how to backup without OS, though.

1. Restart and immediately press F11 rapidly until the HP logo and Please wait comes up.

On the Choose an option screen,  go to Troubleshoot, the Advanced options.

Click Command prompt, then type notepad.exe.

Click File, then Save. You can also just do Explorer.exe.

Backup your personal files to a USB or other means of storage, and reset your PC. Afterwards, reinstall apps and copy your files back so you have a backup. Also scan for malware or ransomware.

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as motherboard has been replaced , you changed the TPM. so when you boto the computer , ans Windows want to boot, it read TPM chip, as it doesn't find the required information , it as kfor the bitlocker key.


if you didn't save bitlocker key and your  are not part of a company domain , you lost all your work.


I use bitlocker , I have a copy of bitlocker key in my wallet, this is to let you understand that you never know when you will need it but it will happen.




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Apologies for jumping in unannounced.




If HP onsite engineer completed the work you describe -

If HP Support authorized and completed the work regardless of location -

Then you do need to contact HP Support


You might be able to use your existing contact information and case number (do NOT post that information here)


Why Contact HP?

"We" are not HP Support - "we" are a volunteer community.


Zbook is covered by a decent warranty from HP.

Warranty is not magic - it does afford you access to HP business class support.


That said,


  • I have submitted a request that someone take a look.
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Thank you very much for the reply. Yes all lost 😞 I have now has OS reinstalled and both external SSD and Cloud back up in place 🙂 

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Good to hear it is sorted - sad about the files, of course.   Thank goodness for a decent backup plan.  Smiling.


Congrats on the new Zbook, by the way. 

Zbooks are lovely machines.


Stay Safe.



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