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    Need Windows 11 help?
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I did notice there was an new BIOS, but I haven't dared to install it any computer yet. It had an impressing list of fixes though so I was hoping it would do wonders.



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Unfortunately still no solution?

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After working with corporate IT for a couple months while my zBook G3 was blue-screening daily, we finally figured out the solution: I had to turn in my zBook and they issued me a Dell 7000 series (which still has a proper docking connector) that was being used for a networking project that had just completed. So, there you go. Get a computer with the computer old reliable docking tech, and back to being productive! 🙂
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realy sad 😞

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Tonight, for about the sixth time in two weeks, one of the USB ports on my Thunderbolt 3 dock just stops working. Dead.


Then, after rebooting about four times, it starts working again.


The displays sometimes also drop out for no reason at all.


This is one of the most unrealiable pieces of hardware I have ever encountered. Someone wasn't doing their job when they designed this brick, thats for sure.

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There are security settings for the thunderbolt driver in the bios. I have read in several places that disabling them in the BIOS helps. For me, in the hyper-paranoid IT environment here, I would have been fired for even suggesting to disable a feature labeled 'security'. Lol
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a week later no solution 😞 

and no usefull solution to keep drivers on right way. Frida ia clled HP support again, but no help would be better!

With this tipps lot of driver troubles and aagin a weekend loss.

Newest by own found Docu http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/GetPDF.aspx/4AA5-2657ENW

Can it realy be that this creapy Thunderbolt 3 Dock doenst suppoer 2560x1440 on Displayport 1 AND 2

If it is that hole solution is really waste mony!

And dont search the Problem by Microsoft, all drivers from OS worked in better, till HP comes with tipps to manually update some drivers. ("Support Assist can not find all..." and SOftPad tool, are well for Win7 and install wrong things to Win10x64 1703 envroiment, what a hell!) And so sorry to say, the support guy had no idea or stratgicaly plan for this "featured components" with "that modern OS" and also a Problem to create a Support Ticket 😞

sadly to see a favorit company come to end also with highen components.

so for me, hope is over, please close

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The custom resolution workaround from page 5 worked for me.  I'm now able to use dual 4K monitors (no issue after coming back from sleep or undock/redock).  One monitor is connected via DP to DP cable and the other via USB-C to DP (make sure you are not using both DP ports on the dock if you want to run dual 4K).  I didn't have to do any BIOS/firmware update.  Zbook BIOS version is "HP N81 Ver. 01.14, 4/14/2017."  Thunderbolt software package version is and PD Firmware versionon is 1.07.03.

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4k was not the gap...


but all come to a good end with:

- MS Driver from 09.05.2017 for the NVIDIA Quadro M2000M

- MS Driver from 29.09.2016 for the Intel HD Graphics 530

- Win10pro x64 1703 Build 15063.483

- Thunderbolt SW-Paket

- Thunderbolt Application

- Thunderbolt Service

- Thunderbolt NVM 18.05

- Thunderbolt PD FW 1.07.03

- Security off

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Hello all,


well, I followed this thread for a while.

As a user faced with the same problems, I want to tell you my story:


Very expensive zBook 17 G3 / Windows 10

Port Replikator zBook TB3 Dock

2 pc. Z24n monitors, wired with DP cables to the Port replicator


I was working with a zBook 17 before,  which had a real docking interface - that notebook was a masterpiece for IT-Professionals!


If I wouldn't be in need to work occassionally offsite, I 'd rather would use a real PC-Workstation because all the interfaces I  need during business work.

Now I got this G3 piece.

With 32 GB RAM and the 3 SSD's built in, the performance is not an issue.


But the usability and missing interfaces that is a real mis-engineering!

I don't know who is developing such a mobile Workstation (btw: a 17" Notebook is never a "ultra mobile" thing with 3,5 kg)  without a Docking interface!

This TB3  port replicator p.o.s. is disabling features like the built in Intel NIC and the monitor problem described in this thread tends me after hours of updating firmware, drivers etc. to open office window and throw all this gear out of it.


Almost every morning I am sitting in front of blinking or disconnected monitors!

What does HP think I am in the office for? Updating software on my WS? Reading threads like this?

To struggle with such silly problems?


What is wrong on a docking interface in a Mobile Workstation?

I used a  VB043AA docking station over 2 generations of HP Notebooks without having one issue with it. No updating, no firmware. Just a dumb, solid rock working docking solution!

Now I have separate power supplies, and a bad looking solution with this mis-engineered USB-c cable (too short, far to stiff for these small connectors) between it.


I'll celebrate the day when no more HP Notebooks come into our company if their mission is to build devices where the nightmare starts after opening the packaging.

It is a shame that HP cannot supply customers with professional, enterprise grade equipment anymore!


I remember the Slogan "HP invent".

When will this happen @HP again?







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