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ZBook 17 G3
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Has anyone gotten the 200W Zbook Thunderbolt 3 dock and had any success in getting it to work?  I recently took delivery (after a couple months delay) and cannot get it to work.  When I plug it in (and I've made sure every driver I have is as current as listed on the HP website), i start running into a rash of issues.


  • Device manager will show an unknown device that is shown with an id of vid_174c&pid_3074, which should be an ASMedia 3074 superspeed hub, but no method I try to get drivers installed works for this device.
  • All USB ports on the laptop stop responding
  • My connected monitors do display, but in device manager I see two copies of the monitors connected via the dock, and one of each shows an exclamation point that device drivers are not installed.
  • My ethernet appears to work correctly
  • Attempting to install any sort of updated ASMedia drivers (found in various places on the web) results in a BSOD
  • The laptop will not properly shut down or reboot with the docking cable in place.  Forcing a hard shut down (power button for several seconds) sometimes results in the laptop being able to boot up, and other times it simply hangs at the POST screen.
  • unplugging the docking cable while the laptop is booted up does not actually show anything disconnected.  a reboot is required (usually a hard reboot) to actually get the laptop to register that the dock is disconnected.  
  • likewise, sometimes after a reboot, the laptop won't register when i plug the dock in, unless I've successfully completed a full reboot cycle where the laptop has logged into windows without the dock, and then been rebooted (without hard reboot) and logged in a second time.

My current configuration is a xeon proc, 64GB RAM, and the NVidia M4000M graphics card (running in discrete only mode via BIOS settings).  The only drivers I have not installed are the Intel video drivers, because I have the hybrid graphics disabled.


Accepted Solutions
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I'm going to add a link to the other thread, which has been even more active lately, dealing with essentially the same issues.  That way, at least we've got one place to continue the discussion...





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Hi CIPuyleart,

if you believe you have everything up to date, make sure to update the Thunderbolt controller firmware on the notebook if you haven't done that already.




And then make sure to have Intel Thunderbolt Secure Connect which is the driver for Thunderbolt. http://h20566.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=8693767&swItemId=ob_161921_1&swEnvOid=419...


And if that all works, then there's an audio driver for when the dock is connected. http://h20566.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=8693767&swItemId=ob_162817_1&swEnvOid=419...


If things are still not working, run HP Softpaq Download Manager to udpate the drivers and BIOS if it shows there's newer versions. At least you would be a step ahead when you call into the HP support team if you still have issues.



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I've got a case open with HP.  I've triple checked all of those suggestions, and I've had them come back with the same list and done them once again.


I'm now also noticing that

  • the on-board ethernet port no longer works at all (doesn't even show up in device manager),
  • that my fingerprint scanner stops working when connected to one of the two docks I have (one at home, one at work),
  • that when connected to a dock, all of the USB ports on the device stop responding to "hot swap" connections (such as plugging in a flash drive),
  • that having the dock connected makes it completely impossible to fully shut down the computer or reboot without having to do a forced "hard shut down" (holding the power button on the laptop for 5 seconds)
  • that randomly, after a reboot (or fresh boot at the start of the day), the dock will not be recognized at all, requiring another shutdown and reboot including disconnecting the dock when the laptop is shut down and then connecting it again
  • that monitors connected to the dock will randomly show in the device manager as not having drivers installed (yellow exclamation point) and will not respond correctly to sleep/wake
  • that using the TBT3 ports on the laptop (when not connected to the dock) for the connection of a monitor (using an appropriate TBT3-to-xxx adapter) will cause the attached monitor to randomly stutter and flicker


This is getting utter frustrating.  The docking stations for the previous generation of these ZBook 17s (I have 25 of the G1 and G2 in deployment in my company, all with the advanced docking station and two external z30i monitors) have performed flawlessly.  These new ones, and this new connection type, is leaving me with a pretty bitter taste.

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Looks like I might have found the source of the on-board ethernet adapter problem - I found a setting in the BIOS that turned it back on (don't know when/how that got turned off).


All the other issues are still persisting with dock connected.

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If you are ni the US, i would recommend you open a support case. There is dedicated workstation support at 866-625-1175 


Before you do, please run the ImageDiags data collection tool that can help establish what is your system and how is it configured - ftp.hp.com/pub/idr. You can try running the ImageDiags 2.0 beta that allows you to include Event logs and dump files, if crashes ever happened for you

I work for HP. However, all opinions and comments are my own.
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I've had a case open now since the day I posted this.  So far, they keep sending me links to download drivers and Thunderbolt Firmware updates that aren't even for this machine (I've been send a link twice to run the Thunderbolt Firmware updater for a ZBook Studio, which then fails out stating it's for a different hardware).


I'll give the ImageDiags beta a run just to see what it produces for info.  At this point, I've essentially given up on the dock working until something is updated on a driver or BIOS front.

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Hey everyone.
I'm sorry people are having these issues.

If you have a case open, request it be sent to 2LS right away. Ensure they have full details and reproduction steps and they will jump all over this.

I'm in Mobile 3LS and will be expecting these as well and will be working on reproductions in the mean time.

(I Have a Zbook 17 G3 and will get working on these in the morning.)
I am an HP Employee
Quality Manager - HP VR / Z Desktops
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The best way to install drivers and/or BIOS is by using HP's SDM (Softpaq Download Manager - www.hp.com/go/sdm). You can let it check for updates when it starts up - after loading the latest catalog - and then install any drivers it suggests are available.


The Intel Thunderbolt firmware update, howver, will likely not be seen on this update screen, because it is not a driver and therefore the tool can not match it against a pnp id of a component of the motherboard. You can install it by selecting 'show this computer', clicking 'find available softpaqs' and then putting a checkmark on the softpaq entry in the list. then clicking on 'download' - you should see Download and Install next to the 'Download' button


Also, BIOS updates have to be done separately from any other updates

I work for HP. However, all opinions and comments are my own.
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I opened a ticket with HQ. It went to level 2. We validated my setup. I missed turning off the security option. My personal machine is still not working. However, I found a method that worked for 2 other machines.


  • Update Windows
  • Update BIOS to 1.07 (SP75837)
  • Change Security for the ports. (Advanced > Port Options > Turn port security off)
  • Install ASMedia XHC driver (74164), Thunderbolt Secure Connection (74783)
  • Restart
  • Intel Thunderbolt Firemware Update (74938) NOTE Use the GUI installer, ThunderboltUpdater.exe. Don't launch from SoftPaq Manager.
  • Restart
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Any respons from HP? I'm having the same problems, displays are ok but USB mice/keyboard stops working after a few seconds. Updated all the drivers/bios/firmware etc. 


Can't believe I payed € 3000,- for a A-class machine that doesn't work out of the box!

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