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HP Recommended
HP 250 G5
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


I updated already the bios to 13F and set option "fan always on" to disable.

I choose under windows the power saving mode with passive cooling.

But the fan stays on and blasts cool air out of the notebook.

CPU temperature is 34°C.

The tool "NoteBook FanControl" doesn't work, because there is no suitable config for this model.


Please help me to stop this noisy fan otherwise I will send it back to store.

HP Recommended

I´ve got the same Problem. FAN noisy ...

HP Recommended

Got the same problem. These are the readings from SpeedFan, has anybody found a solution? Cheers.fan.PNG

HP Recommended


I have a brand new HP 250 G5 (Intel 7gen)

And i noticed something: 
The Fan it really noisy after a few clicks in the Webbrowser..

Im a Technician to and i see a big Problem in the Cooling-Design.
There is not only 1 hole, that the Cooler can suck air.
What is this? I never saw something.

i opened the background and tried to start.
omg, so much airpush and its sooo silent!

HP.... you need to send a new Revision of the Bottom-Pieces. This is a joke! 
I thought i bought "Business" This is B for "BETA"

@HP please contact me for a Solution.



HP Recommended

The fan also disturbed me very much. The solution: BIOS update, then the setting for fan there. Windows energy plan on HP recommendation and now the highlight. If I the fan is too loud I close the display. Sounds strange, but works. The fan immediately becomes much quieter or even turns off completely. Works only if an external monitor is connected und in if Windows do nothing if the display get close. Further the Notebook found it's place under the table. Now it is back again right in front of me and tinitus is spared (-:

Still: Hello HP, please build quit laptops or set the options for fan cool. High-frequency permanent sound is an important ergonomic criterion for many people!

HP Recommended

hi, zachal i saw your picture with lots of hole on backcover of HP.

Great job!

what about fan noise now, after these holes? is it working or fan is still noisy?


HP Recommended

hi, have you found a solution for the noisy fan?


HP Recommended

hi, have you found a real solution for the noisy fan?


HP Recommended

Hehe, i think you saw it on the Amazon Website. 😃

yes, it helps with the airflow, because the Temperature cant grow so high.
The Cooler runs allways on lower rpm.
But when the CPU use 50% load, you can still hear it. Because the Cooler Profile has an aggressive Setting.

I made a few Changes:
1) swapped the Samsung 1x 8GB DDR with 2x Kingston HyperX 1.2v with better Timings and Dual Channel Mode
2) removed the DVD-RW with an Cage. Because the little "klick-noise" at every access on the System...  
3) The Holes on the Background.

I made new Holes on the RAM Area, because i noticed, that the Heat was pretty high in Dual Mode.
i played GTA4 @ 30fps , no Problem 😄 But the RAM is the VRAM to, and thats the Point, why they run so hot.

The HP Telephone Support in the German Region was not helpful:
I asked them, for a better Bottom-Piece or a 2nd one, that i dont need to modify the Original One.
Because i buy a Business Model and get this....
The Woman sayed "omg... you cant do this oooommmgg ....."
i told her, that i know, what im doing.
But she didnt understand it and sayed... no, we dont deliver you another Bottom Piece...




HP Recommended

thank you zachal

1- is your laptop HP 250 G5 Core i5-7200U 4GB RAM 500GB HDD R5 M330 2GB?

2- i have not bought it yet but i will... i will use it for business in my office and wont play games? but don't want any fan noise? in thsi case do you recommend it?

thank you very much

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