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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Does HP take any notice of these forums, or are we wasting our time?

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Yeah nobody at HP care. No one reply. I wrote to Xavier M but just silent

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I think i fixed my issue by putting the two edge folders in the exceptions list. Then under Quarantine list i removed the files from there.



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Can you outline your method in more details so that I can follow. In face the Program Files (x86)\Microsoft is in the exclusion lis5 of Wolf Security already. I puts it there to allow me to install Edge update. But the notificationcation stated that HP Sure Sense Service restore file fail still pop up. There is no more files in the quarantined list in HP Wolf Security.


so if you resolve this annoy8ng notification issue, please ougliness your workaround.


thank in advance

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Edits - Update last portion of the message

Edits 2 > Clarify that Sure Sense is an application in Windows Start


The Sure Sense software watches over your browsers and is available on a limited number of systems.  


Many computers never have Sure Sense installed and simply depend on other security software.


Its use is voluntary.


Presumably the latest version of the software (available in category Software and Drivers) fixes the issue with Edge. 

For me, that worked (Uninstall Sure Sense > Restart > Install new version > Restart).


That said, removing and reinstalling apparently does not work for everyone.  OK.


Workaround - Options


1)  Uninstall the software and use the browser's own security and your computer's security software to watch over your browsers.


For example:

Windows key > All Apps > Scroll / Search for HP Sure Sense > Right-Click > Uninstall

Restart the computer and log in


Control Panel > icon view > Programs and Features

Click on Sure Sense Installer > Uninstall > Restart the computer and log in


2) Leave the Sure Sense software installed and add the offending folder(s) / file(s) to the Exclusions list.


The proposed solution works whether you choose to place the entire Edge folder into Exclusions or if you just exclude the files that are placed in temp when the Edge application is updating.


Example - Sure Sense - Add folder to Exclusions list to allow Edge to update


Windows Start > All Apps > Find and open the application

Open Sure Sense > Settings 

Scroll down...

Advanced > Edit Exclusions

Add > Select Add Folder > Browse and add folder (or just the files, if preferred)

 C:\program files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge


Edit - Update Example



If you want to use the individual file names, get those from the log reports from a previous Sure Sense run.

In the case of the example, the Edge browser is protected by other security software on the computer and is not used as a main browser selection.  The choice was made to simply exclude Edge folder from the checkpoint.


If you use the file names - know that file names might stay the same but the individual temp sub-folders change names for each particular update version.  See the example from @bananacy 


If you prefer, Leave in the main Edge Folder and only Exclude the Temp folder.

C:\program files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Temp


Yeah, but...

Just uninstall the Sure Sense software.

Your computer security software that protects your Operating System doesn't just "stop" at the browser.

Browsers also carry a certain amount of security for themselves.



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I tried the same, but it worked only for one reboot.

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Same problem.


I can't get to the screen shot posted above titled "HP Sure Sense". Am not sure how you get to that.


What I did was run HP/HP Sure Sense Service from the Windows Start button


Oddly, this gives you a Window titled HP Wolf Security (Administrator)




From Settings, I've added the above folder. Will see if that works.


You can also turn off notifications by going to the Notifications tray and clicking on the offending notification, then clicking on the settings icon and "Turn Off All Notifications for HP Sure Sense Service".


EDIT: Above graphic is blocked on my PC.


The folder I added was C:\program files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge


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With ~30 alerts this morning about not being able to restore some files, I gave up and uninstalled Sure Sense.


Between MS security protections, Norton 360 and a SonicWall firewall, Sure Sense seems more a liability than an asset. Hopefully the product team gets on the ball and addresses the concerns being expressed in this and other support forum threads.



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Hello we done the exclusions as per the screenshot okay afterwards but the next day same errors

Please assist

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You must u install Sure Sense Installer, r3boot, then reinstall it to get the notification to stop

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