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T640 Thin Client
Microsoft Windows 10 IOT

Good afternoon,


I am working on HP T640 Thin Clients and am encountering an issue when trying to capture an image via HPDM 4.7SP12 or via ThinUpdate to a USB drive. Capture attempts via HPDM result in the below error where IBRPE crashes:



USB Captures fail without producing any error for me to provide, it's almost like a process isn't starting since the device boots to the utility to capture the image and will just sit there indefinitely without any drive activity.


This behavior only appears if I have applied Windows updates, which are downloaded from ThinUpdate and applied via DISM. If I modify Windows to fit our use-case without installing Windows updates (HP updates are OK), the capture process works as expected. If I use a stock build of Windows (downloaded from ThinUpdate), the capture process will fail if the Windows updates are installed (with no other changes). The October 2019 and November 2019 updates both produce the same error. I do not encounter this error when capturing the stock image either.


Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!





HP Recommended

I am also having an issue with capture. Using HPDM 5.0.

I can capture the stock image without issue. If I install the Windows stack and cumulative updates from Microsoft's website capture will not work. Basically gets an error setting up shared folder.

HP Recommended

We are experiencing the same issue using HPDM 4.7 SP12.


Capturing the default image with only a few adjustments works fine. When I install the latest cumulative updates with DISM, capture attempts will result in the same IBRPE crashes. I hope there will be a fix for this issue soon, since the latest vulnerabilities in Windows cannot be patched in our default image.

HP Recommended

After spending countless hours on the phone with support, they have duplicated the issue. But I still haven't heard anything back.


How does this even happen? It's almost as if they do not even test their own updates.

HP Recommended

I am currently facing a issue with capturing T640 Thin Clients. We're using HPDM 5.0 SP1


Capturing a image via ThinUpdate works fine, but sending a capture task via HPDM itself not. The capture proces is way to quick and the actual IBR file is around 200 bytes. It seems like HPDM is capturing the EFI partition instead of the OS partition.


I also update the OS via dism with the .CAB files HP / Microsoft delivers. I'll try tomorrow if it's capture progress works without tempering with the OS.


EDIT1: Meant 200 Bytes, not Kilobytes

EDIT2: Meant ThinUpdate, not ThinState

EDIT3: I'll post a new reply soon when I successfully updated the image + capture it via HPDM.

HP Recommended

As promised I'll post if I successfully captured a image of a T640 and the steps I did. Still not 100% the way I want it to be, but It's a step in the right direction.


Note: I am using HPDM 5.0 SP1 with Windows 10 LTSC for the T640


- Download the factory image from HP ThinUpdate and create a usb stick

- Download the latest Microsoft Updates from the Microsoft Catalog. I download the following two updates:


- Make directory on your root C:\ with the corrosponding KBXXXXXXX.

- Extract the MSU files with the following command: expand –f:* "windows10.0-kb4541331-x64_c57d95475748cefb92ebe257fd0a7a367804fb94.msu" C:\KB4541331\

- Repeat the previous step for the other update. Change the MSU and KB to the correct name.

- Stick your usb stick into the T640 and boot from the usb in order to recover the T640 to the default image.

- When the recover is done. Logout and login as Admin

- Disable the write filter and reboot

- Repeat logout en login to admin

- Get the 2 folder with the .cab files and place it on a different usb stick (OR transfer it to the TC via a different method)

- slipstream the update via dism: dism.exe /online /add-package /packagepath:C:\PATHTOCAB\cabfile.cab. I did the Servcing Stack first

- Go to control panel and start ThinUpdate

- Update Thin Update to 2.6.6 (2.6.5 WONT work)

- Capture this ThinClient (This will wipe your USB Stick!)


Violla, you got a full .ibr image


There's something that HP changed with the 2.6.6 update. I'll check their scripts if perhaps HPDM uses the same and compare them / replace them. Perhaps I can find the same scripts under C:\WIndows\XPEAgent or somewhere in the repository on HPDM, but I'll update this post if I notice something.

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