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HP Z820
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Is it possible to upgrade other CPUs from the same family?

From the ThinkStation/ThinkStation D30 i can upgrade more CPU,s from the same family.

Xeon E5 2697 v2?




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Please check the following options




and  more configuration options





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To the OP.... it is always encouraging if you do a Google search for what you want and find it to exist.  Search for " E5-2697 v2 Z820" and take a look.


There is a prior parallel post for you to review,  HERE.



The take home point is that it depends on your motherboard.  In BIOS does it have the earlier boot block date for the Z820 or the later one?  If you have the later version then the answer is yes.  It your motherboard has the earlier Z820 motherboard boot block date then the answer is no.


I have upgraded quite a few Z420 and Z620 workstations from the version 1 to the version 2 motherborards so that the workstation can then run the faster better v2 processors.  I can do it in about 1/2 hour if I'm being timed.  I can do it in about an hour if it is Saturday morning with a cup of coffee.  Please note that the Z820 is a bit of a different beast from the Z420/Z620.  Do ;your homework well first.

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replacing the z820 motherboard takes about the same time and is performed in the same way


remove airflow shrouds (two parts) and then 


1 remove all expansion cards


2 disconnect all attached I/O and power cables, note they are color and pin marked for easy reinstall


3 remove CPU cooler(s), also ram should be removed if more than 4 modules are installed  (note ram placement before removal)


4 remove motherboard by sliding board towards front of case, and lift board out of mounting slots and position board for removal (no tools required for this, but it's a tight fit and will only come out if the board is in the correct position to clear case edges


see the HP z820 service manual for greater detail on this (google for it)


installation of new board is reverse of removal steps

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This is what i look for greate!



I have google but i want more Informations.

Ok thats not so good there are two Rev numbers perhaps i would buy a HP Z820 i come to you in the forum you help me out.:)


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So have two pictures auf the HP Z820. Is this Version 1 or Version 2?


1HP Z820.jpgHP Z820.jpg

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The Boot Block Date of 12.28.2011 means that this z820 is a first series.  That Xeon E5-16XX and E5-26XX processors and up to 1600 MHz RAM.  If the Boot Block Date were 2013, then the system can use Xeon E5-16XX v2 and E5-26XX v2 processors and up to 1866 MHz RAM.  Also, the clock speeds and number of cores possible are improved for v2.


As others have mentioned, changing the motherboard to a second version (Part Number: 708610-001) is not difficult.


Consider whether the system use means that a higher clock speed - the single thread performance- is more important than the number of cores.  If so, then consider buying a z620 and using a Xeon E5-1660 v2 6-core, E5-1680 v2 8-core, or possibly E5-2690 v2- 10-core.  The 1660 v2 will have the best single thread performance and (also the E5-1680 v2) may be easily overclocked using the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to 4.2GHz using the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility on all cores. The 825W power supply will be enough for any recent graphics card.



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Realy helpfull no i have not buy this Workstation i have found this on Ebay.


Ok i look for Z620 with new updats.


This is new for me in the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility i can switch the CPU,s for more speed ok good to know.:)

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For the Z820 you'll need the right side barcode label number to end in -003.  For Z620 it can be -002 or -003.


Bambi is right..... it always needs to be the later boot block date out of the two dates but those often are not shown in the ads.

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The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility ("XTU")  is very simple to use.  All the complex adjustments are made by the software. The user only chooses the multiplier, for example 43x for 4.3GHz, then use the slider to add voltage for stabilization.  Here is the screen with settings for the Xeon E5-1680 v2 to run at 4.3GHz on all 8-cores. Notice in the upper right corner of the screen, the normal speeds are listed:




This is not the current version XTU, but one from nearer the time the E5-1680 v2 was made.


The voltages added for a Xeon E5-1660 v2 would be much lower as that CPU is already 3.7 /4.0Ghz.  However, the E5-1680 v2 is 3.0 /3.8GHz.


With more added voltage, there is more heat, so I am using a z420 liquid cooler. The z420 and z620 motherboards are almost the same, except for the z620 has the socket to add a second CPU riser.


The z420 liquid cooler is not a perfect fit in the z620:


z620_2 with z420 liquid cooler installed.jpg

But, it plugs into the original connector without modification. Also, there is a small fan- see it in the center of the photo- which cools the system chipset. < Sehr nett


The z620 at 4.3GHz on all 8-cores is fast enough that I can wait one or two years more without changing systems, although I would like to have a Quadro RTX 4000 8GB.





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