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HP Z VR Backpack G1 Workstation
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hi. After some problems i formatted completely my workstation, i thought that only i could find everything useful to restore all drivers and software. But is not like that, so now i cannot use the VR headset because is missing the RGS software. 

Is there a way to download again the software, or is there a way to have a "Factory default settings" state of the machine?

No restore points, nothing, i erased everything, really i didn't know that i should't find every driver and software on the HP site.


Accepted Solutions
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stop with the different windows installs,...that's not the cause of your problem


go to the HP cloud recovery site and download the restore OS (with drivers included) do not download the OS only one




now remove the VR backpack from the computer


reinstall that os, then do all MS updates (skip the 2004 update if offered) any other build update is ok


now create a OS restore point (google if you need directions on this)


now,  install the VR drivers, reboot and connect the VR Backpack USING THE HP SUPPLIED CABLES, yes there is a difference between usb cables, some are active and other are not active usb cables can xfer data at high speed non active can not


now, describe in EXACT terms  what errors or messages you get when enabling the VR Backpack



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HP (for non server based systems) RGS software has it's own dedicated web page as it's compatible with numerous systems


HP enterprise (servers) also has a version of their take on RGS, visit their website for info









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thank you very much!

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i know is a little bit off topic, but i tried to use the VR following the instructions with the Z backpack. When i turn on the workstation, simply the headset went off after few seconds. So i thought: maybe i need to reinstall the RGS that i lost formatting, but it does nothing.


Exactly, how the signal should go from the Z g1 to the headset? Without even accessing windows? thank you.

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have you installed the VR Backpack software? this software is required for the device to work


and is not the same as the "RGS" software






HP Z VR Backpack G1 Windows 10 x64 Driver Pack




you want sp93203.exe

HP Recommended

Hi! Yes i've installed after downloading it from hp drivers/softwares page of the product. None happens i mean i launch the installation and simply a prompt window pop up for few seconds, than nothing else. I'll try again.. Thanks 

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you were provided with links that have troubleshooting steps to help resolve issues

please read/try the troubleshooting steps before posting again

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I already did. The first link is simply the product page. The second one is the same from which I've already downloaded the same driver you indicate anyway i downloaded it again and, after an extraction of the exe package, nothing happens. I shut off the pc, connect the vr, remove from thw dock station, turn it on and for few seconds i can see a misaligned hp screen (the same which appear at the center of my monitor in normal condition) then everything went black. I'll try removing windows user at the start up. I've downloaded a lot of PDF with troubleshooting instruction but say nothing about this issue. Thank you. 

HP Recommended



recheck "ALL" steps, do not skip any steps


check control panel, ....does it show the VR driver installed?


are you using the USB "c" cable that came with the kit? if not do so


read troubleshooting section

G1 model



G2 model


HP Recommended

Ok i read everything. I upgraded everything from the HP Assistant, downgraded to Win 1809, installed all the missing drivers. 93203.exe is been exectuted but i can't fint any trace of it anywhere, except for the installation folder. 

My headset have it's own usb 3 cable, is not unpluggable. I saw online that one can use the VR headset he wants so i don't think i need the original cables went with this workstation to plug it in.

in command-dos i listed the entire list of drivers, but i didn't see nothing like "hp backpack " etc.

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