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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Elitedesk 800 G2
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Hello, I need to enable Wake On LAN for a fleet of 800 G2 ELitedesks.


I went into BIOS>Advanced>Built-In Device Options. I ensured that Embedded LAN Controller was checked and Wake On LAN set to Boot to Hard Drive (I'll later be doing PXE boot but want to start out making sure this works.)


I also went into Advanced>Power Management Options. I unchecked S5 Maximum Power Savings, and SATA Power Management. I checked PCI Express Power Management.


In Windows 10, I went to Device Manager, I right clicked on the properties of the NIC adapter, I went to the Power Management tab I checked all three boxes (Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, Allow this device to wake the computer and Only allow a magic packet to wake the computer.) I also enabled Wake on Magic Packet in the Advanced tab.


I sent a magic packet to the MAC address using wol.exe utility but the PC will not power up.


What am I missing?

Thank You!

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think about it,...by telling windows to turn off the lan card you have just disabled it's ability to detect the magic lan packet,,,!!!


next by enabling the pci express mgmt, you again have allowed the system to power down the network connection



please reset all settings you changed back to defaults


the only settings that needs to be changed is the time before windows goes to sleep, and disable hibernation (if enabled)


the only other thing is to check in  “Device Manager”.


Open the Device Manager and expand the “Network Adapters” section. Right click on your network card and go to Properties, then click on the Advanced tab. Scroll down in the list to find “Wake on Magic Packet” and change the Value to “Enabled.”

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It is more complicated.....


There are BIOS things you have to get right and also OS things.  Then, the HP workstations changed over time, both in hardware and BIOS software.  And, the differences between HP workstations and HP business class computers needs to be taken into account.


Factory defaults is a good point to start from but you specifically need to change from those in the process.  After you get it working then you can carefully add back in the fine tuning to drop boot times, etc.


The basic idea:  HP factory default settings are optimized for functionality and energy efficiency.  Wake on LAN is inherently energy inefficient.  You need to turn off some of the defaults to force the box to accept the energy inefficiencies so that WOL can work.


And, of course, the later workstations/business class boxes have some European energy settings thrown in that you need to take into account.


Go read the prior posts here on WOL.  It is complicated, there is good and bad info in here, and yet I've gotten it to work in every HP workstation or business class desktop I've tried.  I've only used it in a LAN environment, not WAN.  Supposedly that can be done too.  I've already posted on the correct way to do it here.

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Hello DGroves,


I reset back to Factory in BIOS

I unchecked Ällow the computer to turn off this device to save power"in the Ethernet > Power Management properties which then also grayed out the other two boxes.

My computer will still not respond to WOL packets.



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Could you give me a /config text file from your setup so I can import and see if it works?

Wake ON LAN should work flawlessly, how else are you supposed to be able to remotely manage a fleet in an enterprise environment?

Thank You!

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We run our workstations in Legacy mode for BIOS.


There is a link from the past,  HERE.



You are the one who needs to learn this stuff.  We don't use the equipment you do.  Do you have the appropriate technical and service guide from HP for your equipment?  

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Hi SDH thank you kindly for providing me ancient documents! Very helpful.


I figured it out myself from translating the old documents


i went into BIOS set to factory > advanced enabled boot to hard drive from network.


device manager>properties on NIC>Power Management tab check all three boxes


Advanced Tab>set Energy Efficient Ethernet OFF > set Wake on Magic Packet to Enabled


Go to Control Panel>Power Options>Define what power buttons do>Uncheck Turn on fast startup


Now how do I script this? There are no group policies for any of this! I’m almost tempted to set automatic power on to 7 days a week and leave them always on maximum power to get around this.


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I'm happy these documents helped you to a good solution.  Your workstations are quite different than the ones we are using but the principles are the same, and the technical and service guide for your hardware did include minimal references to Wake on LAN, so we knew it was possible.  Some of the terms you found that worked I've not seen before in the xw or Z workstations.... good to add to my notes.


I have no idea why HP is not more helpful in providing information on this feature.  They keep changing the names of the BIOS settings that are power related that need to be changed from default to let WOL work.


I wish I did, but I don't have advice on setting up scripts for WOL.... we use that on a workstation to workstation basis rather than for a group.



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