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z600 rev 1 stepping b3


i have a z600 motherboard (rev 1 stepping b3 )and update its bios to the last one . and my board support x5670 in soket 0 but when i install 2nd x5670 in  soket 1 the system cannot boot at all !!!!!!

is there any way to use this board with dual x5670 

please help me .

thanks fo your attention. 

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I am now.

did you read the service manual first.

mine has matching SLBV4 cpu,,  see link below.

both with matching CPU, and with working fans,  (plugged into correct fan  power jack for speed regulation)

the 2 ram banks for CPU and matching and in correct slots. i bet you forgot RAM for CPU 2?

once correct, BIOS clearly  shows both processors.


i get the same speed seen here. cpu Assmark 2xCPU =10053!) (smoking fast)



NO warranty answers by me.
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thank you .

 i have exact same cpu both are x5670 and work in socket 0 . ( none of them work in socket 1 !!! is it normal ?) 

but my cpu fans  have 4pin cable ! but board connectors are 5 pin !!

and i put ram (which is the same ) in slots :

cpu 0 DIMM 1

cpu 1 DIMM 1

is it possible that my board support only one x5670!!!!!

and for dual use i must buy another cpu like x5570 ?!


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and these are my ws parts.  problem maybe related to memory ?!!

my memory is ECC-RDIMM 

should i buy ECC-UDIMM ? 

but why does my ws work with ECC-RDIMM in single cpu mode?????????????????


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this has been covered numerous times on this forum, please use the search feature to read the previous posts/answers in the future


the z600 rev 1 is not certified for the xeon 56xx line of cpu's you need a rev 2 board that has a updated intel chipset 


it has been documented numerous times that rev 1 boards may or may not boot or reliably boot when using a 56xx xeon and trying to add a sec 56xx cpu to a rev 1 motherboard will usually not work


solution....................replace the rev one motherboard  with the rev two board

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why u say " usually not work"???? so it may work???

and whats your idea about my ECC-RDIMM ??

it works but hp manual says it supports just ECC-UDIMM??????

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Dear Professor:  You stated that the  Xeon Z600 will NOT support any 56XX !  Well sir, my Z600 came w/ TWO Xeon X5620's and 'she works just fine. Sooo, I simply want to UPGRADE in SPEED w/o busting my social INsecurity bank. Thanks for your time.

Regards, Dont  3pm EDT Sunday 9 8 19

This is part of my system info on the msinfo page:

3:01 PM DON TAYLOR: BIOS Version/Date Hewlett-Packard 786G4 v03.57, 7/15/2013
3:01 PM DON TAYLOR: SMBIOS Version 2.6

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Donald81150,.......... you either did not read my post in full or you failed to understand what i posted


nowhere did i state that a z600  rev 1 motherboard would not run a xeon 56xx series cpu, i only stated it is a unapproved HP configuration that may or may not work with one cpu and more unlikely to work correctly with two cpu's


i suggest you go back and fully read my post on this subject

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You may not know that there are two versions of the Z600..... an earlier one and a later one that I believe you have.  Take a look at this post from the past, HERE .



It is easy to go into BIOS and confirm that your boot block date listed there is 1/7/10.... that confirms you have a version 2 workstation for your Z600.  Let's assume you have a version 2 and would want to use the X5675 processor I describe in that post.  Here is some up to date information:  There was only one sSpec code release for that processor so use SLBYL to look them up on eBay.  They each cost $1443.00 USD on release by Intel, have a max wattage draw of 95W, and are approved by HP for use in the version 2 Z600 either as a single or as a dual processor installation.


Current eBay cost is $30.00 each, shipping included.  Your current heatsink/fan will be rated to 95W so you only need to buy some thermal paste and the two processors and you should be good to go.  Passmark score for your dual E5620 processors is 8050. For dual X5675 it is 12447.  So, $60.00 for the two processors and $7.90 for some Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste seems like quite a good investment.  I'm still using mine upgraded that way.....  plus a bunch of others.





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