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I have configured Polycom Conferencing for Outlook Plugin. Installed correctly and working.

I have configured RMX 1500 Exchange Integration Configuration, no errors, but the RMX never print or show reserved VC from the plugin. If I check the exchange account calendar. Meeting appear, but nothing on the RMX.

How can I check why the RMX don't poll the exchange calendar account?

Where or how can I have a look on the log?



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The RMX does not poll the Exchange Calendar.  The calendar on teh RMX is the internal scheduler.

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Sorry, but in documentation named "RMX_Administrators_Guide_V_7_6.pdf" page 10-9 :

"The meeting organizer can add a meeting agenda or personal text to the invitation before it
is sent. The meeting organizer can update or cancel the video enabled meeting in the same
manner as for any other meeting.
When the meeting organizer sends the meeting invitation a meeting record is saved in the
Microsoft Exchange Server, the RMX, DMA, RSS and calendaring-enabled endpoints.
RMXs, DMA and calendaring-enabled endpoints poll the Microsoft Exchange Server to
retrieve new meeting records and updates to existing meeting records."


The second documentation " Polycom Unified Communications Deployment Guide for Microsoft Enivornments" "UC_Deploy_Guide_MS.pdf" page 145 :

"Polycom RMX System
The Polycom RMX system polls the Exchange server for updates every 15
seconds. When polling, the RMX considers events two hours in the past and 24
hours into the future."

So RMX poll the exchange server calendar, or documentation is wrong.

What is wrong, where is wrong? Where can I find log or documenation to debug and find a solution for my customer.



Happy New Year to everybody.



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Hi Fabian


Happy New Year to you too.


Below are the roles of each piece.  All the RMX is doing is polling the Exchange Mailbox to see if any new entries are created and it will auto accept the invite if there is no clash in the diary.


When you use the PCO button, is an ad-hoc conference created and you are able to join it?


Exchange 2007 SP2
Accepts and stores meeting invitation
Notifies meeting participants
Contains mailboxes for conference rooms, users, and RMX / DMA
Accepts meeting invitation
Starts meeting
Connects recording
Displays gathering phase
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Hi Team, I have installed the RMX plugin for the outlook but my Microsoft VBA for outlook admin and polycom conferencing for outlook are showing as inactive can anyone help me in resolving the same.

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Hi, try removing and re-installing the plugin using admin rights.  Make sure you have installed the vstor 3.0 tools and vstor sp1 along with the PIA application.

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Hi Graham,


It's not ad-hoc.

PCO button create everything and exchange calendar account was update.

With information, meeting id, password.

But nothing appear on the rmx calendar.

I just want create a virtual room from the PCO to the calendar and participant have to click on link to connect with CMA or Lync. Others participants from polycom endpoint must have to enter id and passwod to join the meeting.



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When you say RMX Calendar, do you mean the Reservations calendar on the RMX UI? If so, this is a built in reservation calendar that does not poll the Exchange server.


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Hi, I'm making reservation with PCO, checking calendar on exchange and nothing on RMX..

See attachment.


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Thanks for the information.  That is the correct behavior of the RMX calendar.  That is just for internal reservations, not for polling the Exchange calendar.

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