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Last week, from September 20-21, 483 HP employees from around the globe logged onto the typically peer-to-peer HP Support Forum to help as many customers as possible over a 24 hour period on the final Expert Day of 2017.  How impactful was this?  Well, the numbers speak for themselves!  Take a look:

Outside of numbers, here are just a few praises that customers sang of the help that they received on Expert Day:


Yes, I managed to find it, and changed it as it was on glossy photo paper - thanks for your help. IT WORKED. HOORAY!”

-said to @Royal_KB



Thanks for the detailed reply and research!! It was kind and thoughtful of you to provide such a detailed reply. May good karma come your way…

-said to @APG73




Thank you. Seems to of been sorted with the driver updates. Have a great day.

-said to @john_domnic



“Thanks for the quick answer. Just as I had seen that you had posted I had already fixed it using the same method you proposed. Kudos!”

-said to @Archana_C

Thank you again for your prompt reply and have a great weekday!”

-said to @Levi_J


This did the job! Thank you.”

-said to @greenturtle




Thank you so much. Followed the 2 step process and it worked beautifully. Thank you again for your help and support

-said to @muj851


Fun tidbit: HP employees weren't just helping you from their desk – many actually got together in person to participate in what we call HP Expert Day Villages, supporting each other live, and making an event of it!  Check out some of the gatherings at HP sites around the globe:

Thank you to all the employees who volunteered their time on Expert Day! 


For more information on Expert Day, be sure to check out our Expert Day page and follow @HPSupport on Twitter to stay up to date on upcoming events.

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