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The HP Community is where owners of HP products, like you, volunteer to help each other find solutions.

2019_Meetup_HeaderArtboard 6.png


We recently hosted the 2019 Community Meetup at our new HP site in Houston, Texas on September 15-17, 2019. We had 24 Experts in attendance, representing five communities (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish).  And, we survived the Tropical Storm, Imelda!



We first had a nice Welcome Reception to meet everyone, get acquainted and have a sneak-peak at some new HP products thanks to our in-house product-extraordinaires. During our meetup, HP launched a cool new convertible laptop, the Dragonfly.  It is under one kg and contains parts made from recycled ocean-bound plastics! #lighterthanair #HPHouston #HPDragonfly.  AMAZING!



There were several opportunities to learn about HP products, stopping first at our pan-HP Customer Welcome Center and the Employee OASIS.   Experts saw demonstrations for the NeverStop LaserJet with Endless Toner from HP Expert, @greenturtle.  A demo from Marco (CWC) on gaming using Virtual Reality (VR) was entertaining and a demo on using VR in training was provided by @Futureperfect.   There were also a few people scanning their feet using the HP FitStation and ordering customized insoles.

8-opening pano.jpg8-CwC20.jpg9-CwC3_neverstop.jpg8-CwC23.jpg13-CWC_VRDemo.jpg12-Reinvent_Group.jpg10-FitS.jpg11-BrandonVR.jpg14-oasis_tango.JPG14-OASIS_tz.jpg


In addition to the products, HP SMEs came and shared updates on HP Digital Support Solutions, HP Web Support Content, OMEN Command Center, and HP's huge Sustainability efforts.  Everyone received a metal straw and an accessory provided by Raul!



The Award ceremony and dinner was held at the Johnson Space Center where we got to check out the Saturn V and experience Mission Control the day Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.  A short, but remarkable experience.  For an overview of the awards, we have a new QUALITY award given to 6 Experts and a Top Contributor award given to 6 Experts.  We acknowledged longevity in the communities with a LOYALTY award given to 35 Experts with longer than 5 years commitment. Are you interested in joining this team?  Click here to find out how to become an HP Expert.  Last but not least, we thanked our 12 Moderators and Administrators for their constant support.  This award ceremony was in honor of those people supporting our English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish communities.  We held a separate event for our Chinese community and awarded similar awards to them as well.




This year, we decided to ask some of our top Quality and Top Contributor award winners if they would be on a panel to discuss their tips and tricks to posting quality answers.  Everyone would’ve liked to listen to them longer, so we will work to put together a Quality Post FAQ for both current and new Experts.




We also shared a bit about ranking changes coming for our English Social Community Support as well as their impact on how much they help our customers.




I think I speak for everyone in saying, “Overall we covered way too much in too short of a time span…..but we really did have a blast!” 







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