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If order is never delivered to me, why do I have to waste my $ and time to file a police report?

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So my order [edit]was placed and I never received the product though tracking results says it was signed for by me which couldn't be possible since I am working practically a city away during the afternoon but yet I was told i am not getting a replacement and they I have to file a police report and pay to get this and send it back to you HHO team?! Wow, extra of my time and my money even though i did nothing wrong? That's absurd, any other tech company would have sent me another one and continue on with the investigation without further bothering me (the customer). I am so upset that I am lost for words. I expressed my discontent with your so called "resolution team" asking them what their next steps are which they had no idea so I suggesting what other tech companies would have done. Now they won't even reply....Great way to treat customers who will be writing numerous reviews.

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Why should HP care? They don't even have a way to question them about the way they scam us. My suggestion... if you get your computer back, great... if not... DON'T ORDER FROM HP AGAIN!

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here's the follow up from Customer service relations:


I still have no laptop and the investigation seems to have stopped from your
side pending me to send a police report. It is not as if I ever physically
received the item purchased even though i originally paid for it first so to my
understanding it was not "stolen". To my understanding, a merchandise should
have been received before it can taken from me as a crime. As far as I am
concerned as a customer, the merchandise I originally paid for was never
delivered to me. Now you are telling me that your courier replied to you and advised that the
person didn't speak English then why don't your side or courier call the
authorities on this person to have product returned?
They can go in case of forgery or impersonation.
Your resolution team advised me to get a police report which doesn't make sense to me. Here's why:
1 - item never physically received
2 - filing a police report cost money
3 - most importantly, it takes time (traveling, waiting in precinct, basically
extra work, which I don't see that being reimbursed to me from your company)
Here's what other companies have done which I suggested:
- immediately contact courier and get investigation going on (your side failed
to do that until 2 days after i reached out to them)
- after first week, process a replacement order while your investigation
continues on
- Your side should call the authorities your courier service (delivery man or whomever) or file a claim with them not me.
Hope you can help in any way other than telling me to call the police.
Please do advise and have a good weekend. Thank you.



Dear ,

I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused
but I do not have the authority to override the requirement of a police report
when a confirmed delivery with Fedex is disputed.   I would be happy to help
expedite the resolution of this delivery problem if you provide the police
report required for the missing delivery. Again, our apologies for the
inconvenience this has caused.


Susan Peasley

HP Home & Home Office


Hi susan,
Please advise what can you do as a resolution if I did go out of my way to file
a police report and give you the report number?
Unless you are offering a replacement order free of charge or with a significant
discount, I don't see this being worth my time and trouble with all the
aggravation I have dealt with already...(as already listed out in detail in
previous email).
Hope you understand and awaiting your reply.
Thanks and have a good night.


Dear .
We would be happy to replace the order for you once we have the police report
for our claim with FedEx.  The original charge will remain on your account and a
new order will  be shipped to you to replace the stolen order.  Please send the
police report to and you can copy me so that I can
follow up with our delivery manager.


Hi Susan Peasley,
We are now back to square one.
It seems anything that goes wrong with an order, the customer is responsible for even though merchandise was never delivered...
This is the most unfair treatment I had ever encountered of all my years.
From the 2nd phone call of many to your resolution team, I was advised for some type of compensation for my troubles and you are telling me otherwise.

Right now, you still expect me to take my time off work meanwhile (I work 7days a week) to drive to the police station to file a report and then PAY for the report for you to make a claim against Fedex?

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It is January 2017 and HP hasn't changed much since your original post. I ordered a laptop, my CC was charged and I receied the laptop. WHilst the FedEx agent was handing me the box cotnaining my laptop, I noticed the box was crushed and torn open. I took pictures of the box with the FedEx guy HOLDING THE BOX. I also made sure the FedEx guy noted in FedEx's own system that THEY damaged the box during delivery. Lastly, I called up HP and they said to send the pictures in and they even mentioned they looked up the order on FedEx's site and noted that FedEx noted that they damaged it during shipping. Open and shut case, right? WRONG.


HP's "policy, process and procedures" require I send the laptop back (not unreasonable) but they have to investigate my claim which will take 24-48 hours and only then will they start manufacturing my replacement laptop. o.O Hold the phone, I provided picture evidence, FedEx even noted in their own system they caused the damage. I even have VIDEO evidence of the damaged laptop but HP didn't want it. What "investigation" is needed? I did the investigation FOR THEM, provided evidence even got the delivery company to ADMIT FAULT. I saved them 24/48 hours of company time and they are still going to withold my property from me.


So, every business day since this whole fiasco started I have called up HP. To their credit, the agents have been polite and cordial. The even offered me $25 refund on my order (which is nice) but there is absolutely no wiggle room on how they handle damaged deliveries.


The proper way to handle this would have been to immediately start building my replacement laptop while awaiting the return of the damaged laptop. They should have then expediated the delivery to me (2 day instead of slow boat from China). If I had shipped them back a bogus item and kept the original laptop, then they could have simply charged me double the amount and claimed fraud.


Now I have to wait over 20 days from the time I shipped back the damaged laptop, until the earliest date I could expect my replacement. All for something I didn't do (re all the evidence I cited above). My CC is charging me interest for the property I still do not own and my small company is losing revenue because I do not have the additional computer I need. 

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I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

I work on behalf of HP
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Thanks kevin_t. I received an order number for my replacement laptop yesterday via automated email and attempted to access it via but was unable to. I spoke to "Maggie" about an hour ago and she informed me the email address was different because it was a replacement laptop. Would have been nice if the automated email I received had mentioned that. Anyway, I was finally able to inspect the specs on the new replacement laptop and discovered it wasn't for the same laptop I ordered. The screen is a lower spec than what I originally paid for and my account wasn't credited the difference. So now, HP wants to charge me more money for a down-spec laptop?! Luckily, I no longer trust HP to do a decent job and checked the specifications for the replacement order else I would have received the new laptop approx 3 weeks from now only to discover I'd been ripped off. "Maggie" passes me on to her supervisor "Chloe" who informs me she will esclate the issue to "upper level management". I personally don't think upper level management give a dang about an order for a single budget laptop, but hey, maybe HP's upper level management is that hands on. I also ask "Chloe" about the expediated build and shipment I was promised by the first rep I spoke to on Jan 20th. "Chloe" tells me that all customized laptops must come from the factory in China and at no time was there a possibility I would receive my laptop from Tennessee within 3-5 business days as the first rep had promised me.


List of issues I have encountered thus far:

1) Damaged laptop was delivered by FedEx. I provided picture evidence and their own tracking system admits they damaged it.

2) Damaged box is clearly labeled to not handle or ship if the box is damaged as it contains a lithium ion battery. FedEx shipped it anyways. I was only comfortable shipping it back because I had inspected the laptop and noted the damage was not near the battery. FedEx even shipped back the laptop, without inspecting it, knowing full well it was damaged and contained a lithium ion battery.

3) I am still held to HP's procedure for investigation, even though I already provided them absolute proof of who was at fault.

4) I am told that my laptop will arrive in 3-5 business days from Tennessee after the investigation is completed. I am later informed that all customized laptops must come from China, which means the first rep lied to me.

5) After complaining enough, someone finally places the order for my replacement laptop and I find out it is for a lower spec laptop than what I had already paid for.


This has gone from frustrating to almost Office Space worthy and exposes FedEx's lack of concern for lithium ion batteries that have been known to bring down aircraft and harm people after they explode.


However, through all of this, your reps (even the one who lied to me) have been polite and cordial.


I normally swear by HP laptops as a good budget concious choice and have owned over six of them in the last 8 or so years. However, this experience has left my confidence somewhat shaken and I hope HP's mistakes isn't indicative of their current quality.


I very much look forward to receiving the laptop I already paid for and would very much appreciate a substantial discount from my purchase price due to the considerable inconvenience I have experienced.

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I am in the same situation, it seems they have not changed after 5 years. 


I ordered a laptop and after two weeks I called back to find out where the laptop is. HP says that fedex says it was "delivered to an address other than recipient". 


HP has no idea on how to handle this and when asked how do I get my money back they told me they need me to file a police report which takes a lot of time just to get started. Why do I have to go through this process, HP needs to deal with this since they shipped it out and took my money. 


In the mean time I am out $2100 and still no resoltion after a few days, please avoid this company at all costs, they do not care for the customer, not able to help the customer because most of the reps cannot speak proper English for anyone to understand. 


I am extremely upset, now I have to call my bank to dispute this which will take even more time. 


GO else where to buy products. 

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  Hello Thank you for posting your concerns on the HP Support Forums. I have brought your matters to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They may request for some additional information from you in order to look up your case or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Please keep in mind not to post any personal information publicly (serial numbers, phone numbers, and etc.). If you have any additional questions please send me a private message. Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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I will need to contact my bank to start a file claim against HP, as I did not authorize them to take money from me and not deliver. 

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Hello  Mgreen5x5,


In order to assist you I will need additional information.  Once I receive your response, I will forward it to my colleagues.


Please include:

- Your full name

- Country location

- Telephone contact number

- Email address

- Model and Serial number of your unit

- Brief description of your problem

- Any HP Case numbers or HP Service Ticket numbers you may have been provided by HP  HP Store order number

- HP Support Forum Username


I look forward to your response,


Best regards,


Jeff Christopher

Executive Customer Relations

HP Inc

Palo Alto, California

I work for HP
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