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DesignJet Z5600 PostScript Printer

Receiving 21:13 error code 0x 10901002 when around 80% initialized. I have replaced the Service Station and the Engine PCU but am still receiving the same error. The carriage can be moved freely while printer is off but never budges during initialization. I noticed the formatter is blinking on I, solid on II, solid on III.

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System Error:21.1:YZProblem Description:
Failure moving the Primer Motor of the Service StationCorrective action:
Try the following:1.
Remove the Right Cover and make sure the cables from the Engine PCA to the Service Station are connected and are not damaged. In case of any damage replace the affected cable; see Engine Cables Kit on page 2832.
Perform the Primer Motor diagnostic test (listed under the service station diagnostic test) to troubleshoot the problem further. See Primer motor on page 158.3.
Replace the Service Station. See Service Station on page 495.System Error:


did you replace the cables or just the ECU?

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I am unable to perform the diagnostics test as I cannot get it to boot fully. The ECU was only replaced. Not the cables. I was thinking of trying the cables or possibly the carriage is causing the problem.

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You shouldn't need to get it to boot fully to get into the diagnostics menu.

Here's a link to a service manual that should be the same for your machine as far as getting into the diagnostic menu:




From the Service Manual:


Entering the Diagnostics Menu
1. Make sure the product is switched off with the Power key on the side of the Touch Screen Panel, and not
with the power switch on the back of the product.
2. Press and release the Power key to switch on the product.
3. Wait for about 10 seconds until the 6 buttons on the Touch Control Panel have come on and then press and
release one after another Cancel> Home> Help buttons.
NOTE: Do not push the icons all at the same time, push each one in the order shown above and release
each icon before pressing on the next icon.
4. The 6 buttons on the Touch Control Panel will then blink 4 times; then wait until the product completes the
initialization sequence and shows the Diagnostics menu.
5. In the Diagnostics menu scroll up and down sliding the finger vertically on the Touch Control Panel and
press on the desired option.
NOTE: The Diagnostic Tests and Utilities work in a special mode that does not require the full initialization of
the product. Therefore, whenever you have fnished a test, you must power off the product and power on again
before trying to print or before executing another test.
NOTE: In some cases a quick press of a button may not be recognized by the product. When pressing a button,
be sure to press it deliberately for about 1 second.
NOTE: If the product hangs up during a test, switch the product off and restart from step 1.


Maybe Repairtrooper can verify that that service manual can help with the diagnosis of your problem.

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