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Designjet 800
Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)

Hello, we have had this printer for years but never seen this issue before.


We noticed that the blacks were containing purple streaks (see attached)


I have changed the black cartridge as it was low but there was no improvement. The print cartridges have only been installed around 6 months ago (the expiry dates have passed by over 5 years but I have been advised that that should cause this issue[???]).


The first page usually prints fine or at least the beginning of it does - thicker blacks tend to have more of an issue.


I have cleaned and aligned the heads and the test come out near perfect.


Jpgs seem to not have an issue just mainly texts.


Any ideas greatly appreciated.


Poor Quality 1.png


Poor Quality 2.png



Accepted Solutions
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We replaced the Black print head and it solved our issue.

View solution in original post

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Make sure you use the geniune HP black #10 .... not those so called    refill or remanufactured. 

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Thanks for the reply.


I tried as greyscale and still the issue occurred.


These are original inks - just wonder if the expiry date is the actual problem. I've used expired ones before (infrequent usage of machine) with no issue until they read as needing replacement.


Still doesn't answer the fact that every time a test print and colour align of print heads is performed the quality is perfect.


Anything else worth trying?

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Myself only buy & use expired hp inks, because of price 3 or 4 times higher on current date inks. Anyway they were all

sealed from factory .


I never seen any expired ink problems for since 2002 when I had my first DJ500 & now

Z3100, Z3200.


Your color problem really sucks, but I still believe you have problem with printheads. From the past, printhead

problems were more frequently than inks or other components.


But you said printhead alignment perfect. take a photo to show a printhead alignment & see how  perfect ?


Try photo paper & make sure print quality set to    best.    also on printer setting to   maximum detail on front panel.

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Yeah ours are always sealed too and never had an issue.


It's an A1 Plotter so only able to use our normal plain white rolls.


See attrached a scan of the prints...Print Head Alignments.png

HP Recommended

Your printhead alignment chart looks good & mine was the same.


You should try different & better quality paper, just to try..


Try               PCL driver               & see any different.............


Download the dj500/800 pcl driver, unzip it to a directory, then go to

printer property, right-click your printer.. property... advance >>  driver  >>  update driver>> pick your model.


I really can't think what else I could suggest you to try....


( myself would try use photo paper to test )


Good luck.

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If the printhead is firing ink and after a few swats it stops, like in ur picture, you have a printhead problem

If the printhear overheats will stop printing


Best regards

Mike G

I'm an HP Inc employee. But my response is not in behalf of HP Inc
HP Recommended

Thank you for all the advice.


I'll test out the different scenarios and feedback as soon as i can- hopefully with a success story...

HP Recommended

I am having the same problem.


We have changed to a new print head and it does the same.


After leaving the printer for a month we were able to print for a few minutes and then it happened again.


Any suggestions?





HP Recommended
Definity you must replace print head.
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