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Get help with Large Format Printers, with direct access to all Latex Knowledge Center · Ask anything · Find anything · Share anything at HP LKC
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Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Finding any information on HP click is very limited, and hard to find. I'm having an issue with my printer, printing the correct size. I will give you an example. I am very new to large format printing.


If I create an image file in an art program such as Gimp, or Paintshop pro 2020, I would create an image size the size of the media I want to print on (for example 13x19 inch paper). 


When I move that image to HP Click and set the paper size to 13x19 the image does not fit on the paper. It will be clipped, and nothing i do will get it to fit. 


If i use the options in hp click to play witht he image size:

Original: has large amount of clipping

Half size fits...but not what i want

Fit to: leaves a large amount of white space at the end of the print.


Fit to would be okay if there was a way to center the image on the paper, so it doesn't have to be hand trimmed when done.


Is there a way to calculate the image size when creating it so that it matches in Click, or is there a way to center the image on the media?


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I can offer a bit of help on this subject - I don't have a qualifying printer and cannot use the software.


I did find a "homepage" for the software

HP Click printing software


In Category Manuals

HP Click Printing Software - User Guide


General Information



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Thank you for the reply, Unfortunately I have already looked through the manual, and the answer is not there. However in the manual, in the set up section the pictures shown seem to have 3 layout options while my Click only has two options for layout.


I have been trying to find answers to these questions for 3 days. 

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I'm beginning to think there is no answer to this question that should be straight forward. An inch is an inch, it shouldn't matter what program I am using. 


I should have listened to the reviews before i spent 800 dollars on this machine. a lot of people were saying that the support for it was not good. But I was thinking I am pretty computer savy so it shouldn't be an issue....but when an inch no longer equals an inch there is no amount of savy going to fix that. 


Because of this problem i cannot predict the size of the print, and that is pretty darn important when it comes to doing this kind of work.


Yes I am pretty salty about this, and will surely warn everyone to stay away from HP printers for sure, and be very doubtful of the products....

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OK.  Well, we are at an impasse.


We are suddenly a long way from asking for help to throwing up hands.

It was not my intention to waste your time, of course.

Nonetheless, here we are.


That said, 

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It was not directed at you personally or your comment....You at least tried to help....but while i am waiting for answers here i am searching the net and trying things and wasting ink. I was in contact with HP support and they were very unhelpful. Gave me a link to drivers that i already have.


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I realize that - and I realize you have been looking for an answer for awhile.

From "our" perspective, this has jumped from asking for help to hating everything.

I get it - I hate stuff that won't work, especially when it's costing me money.


We might have a specialist onboard somewhere who can help.

Hang in there so the review process can be checked.


Stay Safe.

Good Luck.

Thank you for participating in our HP Community .

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Have you tried to create an image (e.g. with GIMP) that is 13x19 minus the printer margins? Printer margins are 3mm or 5mm depending on the model. Then HP Click should have no issue in placing your image in the available area of the media.


Also, could add more detail: which printer are you using? Are you using media in roll or in single sheet?





I am a HP Employee
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Hey...Thank you for your reply. I have not tried that yet, but I will as soon as I get off work. I will let you know. 

I am using T130 

I am using the multi-page tray with 13x19 paper sheets.

I just about have up on the situation.


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No creating image in art program with correct margin size did not fix the problem. It helped but still clips off the top. What really bothers me about this last test is that it would fit because there is plenty of room at the bottom of the paper. If I could center it it would work. Is there a way to center the image on the paper?


Min Margins

120/130 series (cut sheet)  (min margins)
5mm = 0.20 inches Top
12 mm = 0.47 inches Bottom
5mm = 0.20 inches Sides


So i create an image 320mm x 459mm becuse i want the 12mm on both top and bottom just so it will be centered on the page. It does not do that. 

What it seems to do is move the image to the top of the paper leaving more white space at the bottom of the page, than the top

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