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HP DesignJet T930
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I have recently asked the below questions on the Autodesk forums with no successful resolution. They suggest it to be a HP driver issue.


I have what I believe to be a unique plotting issue. I typically run extra-large plots of various lengths that range from 3’x 3’ to 3’x 50’. I am using AutoCAD 2018 on a laptop and plotting to an HP DesignJet T930. I have been plotting to a T920 for many years with no issues.


I can begin with the HP DesignJet T930 PS HPGL2 and add custom page sizes to it. I know in the past the T920 had a number limitation of 10 custom page sizes per PC3. In this case I am no where near this number of custom page sizes. Ideally, I would like to have a custom PC3 file with custom page sizes defined that I can switch to without a lot of hassle and issues.


Say for instance I have set up a 3'x15’, 20’ and 40’. So, 3 custom plot sizes of various length. I then add page setups in AutoCAD for each custom size. The problem occurs when trying to plot the next page setup of a different size.


For example, let's say the last page size I added to the PC3 file is 36x180. I plot it successfully. Then I want to plot the 3’x 20’ plot, but the small display window on the plot dialog shows it incorrectly. It shows it as a 36x129 plot. Clearly it is not 36x240 as selected. If you click preview and it brings up the print preview window it will show 36x129. If you plot, it will plot 36x129. Is this random assignment of 129" based on some limitation?


The only work-around that I have managed to do with any success is to start a new at each plot. Beginning in the Page Setup Dialog. Create a new page setup. Select the plotter. Setup the custom size you wish to plot. Select Properties Which opens the Plotter Configuration Editor. Then select Custom Properties to open the HP DesignJet T930 PS HPGL2 Properties. Select the Oversize sheet of choice in the Document Size window (Oversize: 36x240). Click OK to close window. Click Save As to overwrite the current PC3 configuration (save and replace). Then click ok to close the dialog and AutoCAD will notify you that you made a change to a PC3 Printer Configuration File. Select save changes to the following file and once again save over the same PC3 file. Then the Plot preview will refresh to display correctly as a 36x240, and I can plot the 36x240. (Note: there were two saves.  I modified and saved, then the system notified me to save it again – is this the key?)

It seems if AutoCAD detected the change in the PC3 file prompting me to save it, it rebuilds the preview correctly. 


However, the other page setups will no longer plot correctly if you try to switch to them without going back into the PC3 and modifying it. When selected they will then change to 36x129 regardless of size chosen. I must repeat the process to get to the Document Size Window where I can select the next Custom Oversize page (36x480). Then repeat the two saves, etc. Then I can print the 36x480. Then repeat all those steps to get the next page setup to display correctly and so on.


It really seems to me like each set of saves of PC3 file is forcing the OS or AutoCAD to rebuild the file to display the currently selected document size. I have uninstalled drivers, and downloaded the lastest and reinstalled drivers.


It just boggles my mind that I cannot easily switch and plot custom page sizes. I find this behavior to be bizarre and very frustrating. I am eagerly awaiting a solution!

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Have you tried reinstalling the T920 driver and using that instead?  Pretty sure it will be compatible with the T930.


It looks like there's a couple other drivers for the T930 listed on the HP website.  Maybe give one of the others a try?


Printing from AutoCAD can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, I've found.  Which version of AutoCAD are you using?

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I guess I should have mentioned that I have been using the HPGL2 driver in the past. With the T920 it was AutoCAD 2011. With the T930, I am running AutoCAD 2018. 


I have uninstalled all the drivers. The T920 drivers are the exact same downloads as the T930 drivers. I installed the latest T930 drivers. I have had some success with T930ps PS3.  It allowed me to create two custom sheets and switches between them with no preview or display issues. I just haven't tried adding more sheets, nor running a plot yet.


I suspect the issue is really going to be with the HPGL2 driver itself. Maybe the solution is use the PS PS3.

I am going to have to put more time into this in the coming days to put it's through the paces and see if it will work for what I am trying to accomplish.


Really, what driver should I be using to produce plots on my full size plotter?

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The is also PCL3 and PS drivers available you can try with varying results based on your program of choice.

The Driver pack normally installs all drivers and you can then choose from these.




Normally PCL3 works best.

HPGL is an older system.


There's a guide here:





Paul Elwin
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