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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
    Click here to learn more
    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.
    Windows 11 Support Center.
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Designjet T120
Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

Screenshot 2019-03-19 15.25.17.png

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change USB port,  replace USB cable, or update Windows and  check out the connection. You may try connecting with another device - phone, printer etc. with cable in this port. Install printer software and try again.

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Hi Skuks,


Thanks for info ,

I connected another printer in the same usb port and it works fine.

The usb cable in the problem printer works on another pc when i coonect it.

Must be a windows update issue then? How do I resovle that? Or can it be a motherboard firmware issue?

I have the last updated firmware installed on the motherboard though - thoughts?

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It's common windows 7 problem, but first - installing printer, without plugin it in yet.

There are some instructions from official site (https://cdn.cnetcontent.com/6c/14/6c14a441-3e4b-4e7a-b09f-cee2dedce78d.pdf)

1. Do not connect the computer to the printer yet. You must first install the printer software on the
computer, as follows.
2. Insert the HP Start-up Kit DVD into your DVD drive. If the DVD does not start automatically, run the
setup.exe program in the root folder of the DVD. new drivers, firmware etc. may find on HP drivers site.
3. Navigate to the Software Installation button and press it.
4. Press the Install Software button.
5. In some cases, you may see a message warning you that the installer would need to communicate
through the firewall in order to search the network for printers. As you have no need to do this, you can
check the box Continue installation without searching the network.
6. If you see a list of networked printers, select Help me find my printer (including network and USB
connected printers).
7. Select USB Cable.
NOTE: You can connect your printer and complete the installation later if you prefer. To do so, check
the box marked I want to connect my printer after completing the setup wizard.
8. When prompted to do so, connect your computer to the printer with a certified USB cable. Ensure that
the printer is turned on.
9. Follow the instructions on your screen to install the printer drivers and other HP software, such as the
HP Utility.
10. If during the process you have not been prompted to connect the printer, connect the printer now, and
let the wizard install the device automatically.


if problem stays on - check these steps (must be connected to internet at all time):






If problem persists, uninstall USB drivers (USB hub) an reisntall it. (Try to update PC motherboard drivers- firmwares, last updates etc.)

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Hi Skuks,


I followed all instructions with installation of the printer software as you indicated without plugging in the printer - then plugged in printer but Windows still not recognizing USB device.

Then uninstalled USB Hub following instructions and links you suggested and then reinstalled USB Hub again with latest drivers - I also updated all PC motherboard drivers and latest firmware update was already installed.

After doing all the above I still have the same issue that USB device not recognized when thye printer is plugged in USB port.

Any other suggestions to fix my problem?  I am now desperate.

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We have to get to the bottom of the problem, do not despair 🙂

Use only main USB ports, not extended or front ports. When inserting printer cable notice if cable is loose (on both ends to printer and PC) or when inserted in ports is moving around - cable must be replaced with certified one. When not contacting right, cannot be identified correctly by windows. Sometimes cable is too long or having magnets on both ends - must be replaced with high speed cable (certified one). If windows version needs to be upgraded to Service pack 2 or high, do it and install all updates if needed.

Microsoft Fix it: Microsoft provides a web-based automatic diagnostic and repair application. Go to the Diagnose and fix Windows USB problems automatically (in English) page and click on the green Run now button. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

You must check this option also:

Disable USB selective suspend setting in windows 7.

This method prevents your USB external drive from powering down.

  1. Select the Start button, type power plan in the Search box, and then select Choose a power plan.
  2. Next to your currently selected plan, select Change Plan Settings.
  3. Select Change advanced power settings.
  4. Select the box to expand USB Settings > USB selective suspend settings.
  5. Select Plugged in, select the drop down menu, and then select disabled.
  6. If you're using a laptop, select Battery, select the drop down menu, and then select disabled.
  7. Select Apply > OK.

If any of this isn't going further, try using LAN cable to connect. You must have a manual to read "How to..", or check HP site how to do it.

I'll wait to hear from you for any progress 🙂

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HI Skuks,


Thank you for your replies!


I did all you suggested excep for:I f any of this isn't going further, try using LAN cable to connect  (which I will do as last resort).

I connected another PC running Windows 10 to the printer as a test via the same USB cable to check if it's the cable that is the problem (the printer connects and works fine with the other PC - No problems with USB recognizing the printer).


I am thinking this must be a Windows 7 issue? Or maybe software drivers?

I installed the Designjet T120 driver software which I can find in my printers and devices list - but the USB port does not seem to 'find' or recognize the installed drivers for the printer.Screenshot 2019-03-27 12.49.43.png


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Hi Jeno1 🙂
It's totally Windows 7 problem, powering down USB ports.
for drivers:
but first delete printer drivers, download from this link, install drivers without connecting printer, then connect printer and folow steps below if still nothing...
Sometimes needs to uninstall all the printer drivers and user information about the used printer and to install them again after number of PC restarts. Sometimes there is an aditional software - like Gigabyte for Power On/Off for charging devices for example and must be deleted also...
Let's check another thing just to be sure your windows isn't powering down amperage delivered to the USB ports, if you changed USB power management - I'll copy again the procedure, just to to have:
"Permanently Change the Power Options on a Windows 7 PC 
  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Find Power Options.
  3. Click on Change Power Plan/Settings.
  4. Click Advanced Power Settings.
  5. Find USB Settings - disable both boxes here.
  6. Save and close.
  7. Go to Device Manager (Right-click MY Computer.  Select Manage | Device Manager.)
  8. Find the first listed USB Root Hub.
  9. Double-click and go to the Power Management tab.
  10. Uncheck both boxes here.
  11. Repeat for each additional USB Root Hub.
  12. Reboot when all are completed"
Let's do the amperage checking
Unplug the device and perform the following steps until the device is detected:
  1. Plug in the device and wait 5 seconds. If the device is not recognized, unplug it and go to the next step
  2. Click Start , and then type Device Manager into the Search field.
  3. Double-click Universal Serial Bus Controllers to expand the list.
  4. Double-click a USB Root Hub, click the Power tab, and then click Power Properties (if it is shown).
    Devices that are attached to the hub are shown, as well as the power that they require. If the total displayed power is over 500 mA, remove the devices and use a powered hub.
    Figure : USB Root Hub Power Properties window showing two devices using 198 of 500 mA
    USB hub properties showing a listing of devices with their required power usage
  5. Continue looking at the power properties of each USB hub. If the total Power Required exceeds the Total power available for the hub, then remove a device on that hub to lower the Power Required number.
  6. Plug in the device and wait 5 seconds. If the device is not recognized, unplug it and go to the next step.
  7. Remove high-speed USB cables that are over three meters in length and use high-speed cables that are shorter than three meters.
    Only use high-speed cables shorter than three meters in length with high-speed USB devices (Multifunction devices, scanners, and cameras).
  8. If the USB device is connected to a USB port on a keyboard, unplug it and plug it into a USB port on the computer or into a powered hub.
  9. There may be an issue with the USB port. Try plugging into a different USB port. If the USB device displays in Device Manager after plugging the cable into a different port, then uninstall and reinstall the USB device software driver.
  10. Consult the manufacturer of the device for support if the device still fails to display.

and so on...

If not enough power, except windows, PC power supply and motherboard are next..  🙂

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Hi Skuks,


Thanks for all your help - much appreciate - apology in delay in response was on leave.


I tried all the steps as you suggested (checking power management of all connected devices which is sufficient for all devices on Root Hub etc - also did changing USB ports and uninstalling Root Hub and reinstalling etc) but still windows does not recognize the USB device for some unknown reason. even with all the latest drivers installed for the motherboard etc.


Not sure why I cannot connect direclty with a USB cable - as mentioned I did a test on another PC with Windows 10 using the exact same USB cable (which is a high speed cable) without any issue?


i have had to connect the printer via a LAN cable to a rooter to a network in order to get it to work in the meantime (this was my last resort) - the printer works fine this way.

All good!

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Hi Jeno1 🙂

Not to worry about response:)

sometimes there is some incomaptibility between devices but it's a lottery there 🙂

after all agony you've been through, there is a light in the tunnel 🙂

Best regards and I wish you many prints and no problems there 🙂


Cheers 🙂

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