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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.Windows 11 Support Center.
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HP Recommended
HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 690-0024
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)



I've followed the steps on the customer advisory: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c06101701


I reach procedure number 3 and get stuck at this point, " If Intel Optane is not listed, the computer does not have Optane memory or Optane is malfunctioning and cannot be detected. Contact HP Customer Support for further assistance."


What do I do from here?


- Adam

HP Recommended

what are you attempting to do?

windows 10 updates failed,

or PC is dead, suddenly ( im guessing this and now the PC things the AMD chipset it Intel RST.  wow not good that)

doing W10 fresh installs

Doing W10 to w10 inline upgrades

or doing W10 upgrades other (w7/8)

or did the boot 3times failed  and windows goes to magical auto repair mode?


tell the full story please, and always matters, that. history matters.

this PC is not intel  and not old RST chip set banned by MS w10 installer,  (yes a horror)

but is this.

What is inside you PC I do not know, sorry,  booting to what,  SATA SSD, M.2?  NVME?



oops , outside my pay grade  this PC is AMD mobo not Intel.  AM4 cpu

AMD Ryzen7-2700 (Pinnacle Ridge) 8 cores/16 threads (top cat)

Chipset: AMD Promontory FCH  ( this is what must be  happy )


I say first reboot cold boot the PC 3 times so the W10 magic 3 times failed goes live and does self repair.

that is first, in my book.

there are more cure for sure, including a W10 To W10 inline upgrade, (no loss data/apps) a new W10 features we all love.

or do the HP recovery in bios boot menu of same name. if PC came with W10 only.


do not read Intel fixes for AMD pCs.

I think that is the error here. IDK but good luck to you.

NO warranty answers by me.
HP Recommended

Thank you for your reply and assistance, much appreciated. 


Here's the history:


For the past year, my computer produced errors any time I would try to update Windows 10. 

I finally got tired of dealing with the update errors, so I decided to do a factory reset using HP recovery. HP recovery backed up my files to an external hard drive, then asked me to remove the peripheral device, at which point it proceeded into the factory reset. It ended with installation failure error message. 

After that, I've been left with "boot device not found", hard drive (3fo). 

I've run an extensive test on the hard drive and ran the memory test, both came back OK.

I've tried rebooting three times and still receive the "boot device not found" error. 


Sounds like I need to try an inline upgrade of Windows 10 or HP recovery in Bios boot menu as you suggest. I will have to do some research online as I'm not experienced in these two methods. 

Thanks again and kind regards, 



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