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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)

Hello I was trying to update my bios and after I restarted my PC I can't boot to bios, after a second the message, "cpu fan failed, shutting down" my PC was working fine a minute before the update, I can't use f keys to get into bios options without being stopped, does anyone have any ideas?

My specs are Q9550 cpu GTX 1050 

HP Recommended

@Frostbird Depending on what kind of desktop you've got there, I have a rather tricky set of steps for you, however, I'm confident the frost bird can do this, let's get started:

  1. Remove the side panel from the computer and inspect the system fan configuration as follows:

    1. Unplug all cables from the computer (note the location of each cable for easier reassembly).

    2. Remove the side panel retaining screws. There are usually one or two screws on the back of the left side.

    3. Slide the panel off to expose the inside of the PC.

  2. Look at the processor to determine if it has a fan or not.

    If the computer does not have a CPU fan, skip to step 6.

  3. Check the following:

    • Make sure the fan power cable is connected firmly to the motherboard.

    • Check for any objects that might stop the fan.

    • With the power off and the power cable disconnected, gently spin the fan with your fingers to make sure the fan is not stuck. If the fan blades do not move or resist movement, replace the fan.

  4. Leave the side panel open, connect the power cable, and turn on the computer.


    Make sure nothing enters inside the computer case while it is operating. Do not perform this step while children or pets are nearby.

  5. Look inside to make sure the fan is spinning and is not making noise.

    • If the fan is not working or is making a loud noise, the fan should be replaced. System fan replacement instructions may exist for your computer model. To find instructions, search for "[computer model number] replace fan."

    • If the fan spins and is not making noise, turn the computer off by pressing the power button on the front of the computer for 5 seconds.

  6. Replace the side panel, and reconnect keyboard, mouse and monitor cables.

  7. Turn on the computer.

    • If your computer was built in 2006 or later (Windows 7 or Vista), immediately press the F10 key. You might need to press the key repeatedly, about once every second, until a BIOS Setup utility screen opens.

    • If your computer was built before 2006 (Windows XP or earlier), immediately press the F1 key.

  8. Use the left and right arrow keys to select Advanced menu.

  9. Use the up and down arrow keys to select Hardware Monitor, and press Enter.

    If the error is not resolved, the fan should be replaced. System fan replacement instructions may exist for your computer model. To find instructions, type the following into the Question or keywords field at the top of this page and then press Enter:

    [computer model number] replace fan

  10. Select CPU Fan Check and press Enter.

  11. Use the following list to determine the CPU Fan Check value for your computer configuration:

    • Active heat sink; cooling fins directly on processor with a fan sitting on top of the fins.

      hardware monitor/CPU fan check = ENABLED

    • Passive heat sink; cooling fins on processor without a fan directly on top.

      hardware monitor/CPU fan check = DISABLED

    • Fan duct leading to a fan sitting on or directly over the processor cooling fins.

      hardware monitor/system fan check = ENABLED

    • Fan duct without any fan

      hardware monitor/system fan check = DISABLED

  12. If the value is different than what is currently set, change the value as follows:

    1. Select CPU Fan Check and press Enter.

    2. Select the correct value (ENABLED or DISABLED) and press Enter.

  13. Save the settings and exit. The computer restarts.

If the error is not resolved, the fan may need to be replaced.


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Is there any way to fix the PC if it was the bios update that messed up the PC, the fan seems to be working fine.

HP Recommended

Would there be a way to reset the bios externally without powering on the PC?


HP Recommended

Ok I did some more experimenting and when I boot the PC up the fan spins fine it only stops when it is forced off, hopefully this helps


HP Recommended

@Frostbird I'm afraid not, you will need to go through the suggested steps, if that doesn't help or you aren't too keen/comfortable in doing that, I suggest you talk to HP support and discuss your options, follow the below steps to get started:


1) Click on this link - http://www.hp.com/contacthp/

2) Click on Sign-in or select the product using the below step:

3) Enter the serial of your device.

4) Select the country from the drop-down.

5) Click on "Show Options".

Fill the web-form, to populate a case number and phone number for yourself!


Also, if you are having trouble navigating through the above options, it's most likely because the device is out of warranty, if yes? please send me a private message with the region you are contacting us from, 

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I am an HP Employee

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I built my PC so there is no seriel number, what do I do?

HP Recommended

I cannot follow these steps because my computer auto shuts off before I can get into bios settings, it says my fan isn't working when it is

HP Recommended

@Frostbird If you built the PC and you've got issues with the fan not working, you could start with replacing the fan, for further assistance, please refer to the nearest local store,

Take care and good luck.

I am an HP Employee

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