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No way to lock FN on HP Pavilion Wireless Keyboard 800

Hi Arthur,

thanks a lot for your support. I will wait for any further input.

Best regards


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No way to lock FN on HP Pavilion Wireless Keyboard 800

I found a pretty decent workaround about this Fn lock issue after hunting down for a while. The workaround is sort of sophisticated, so you can give it a shot if you are really dedicated to solving this Fn lock issue.

The workaround method involves the use of a program called AutoHotkey.

AutoHotkey uses hooks to map the media function key presses back to F keys and F key presses into media functions keys to achieve the effect of "unlocking" the Fn lock.
My HP keyboard is Pavilion Wireless Keyboard 600 (black). I really like the white version of this soft & short-distance chiclet keyboard when I was trying it in BestBuy, but the white version is only sold together with the all-in-one. That means, I am using this HP keyboard with my custom desktop (non-HP brand) tower and unable to fix the Fn lock issue in the BIOS.

The attached code is written based on the association of media function keys and F keys on Pavilion Wireless Keyboard 600 only. Other models or brands of keyboards will likely to have different associations. You may look into the tutorial of AutoHotkey to customize your own code.

1. Go to to download AutoHotkey.
2.Right-Click on your desktop.
3. Find "New" in the menu.
4. Click "AutoHotkey Script" inside the "New" menu.
5. Give the script a new name. It must end with a .ahk extension. For example: MyScript.ahk
6. Find the newly created file on your desktop and right-click it.
7. Click "Edit Script".
8. A window should have popped up, probably Notepad. If so, SUCCESS!
9. Copy and paste the attached code into Notepad, and save the file.
10. Double-click the file/icon in the desktop to run it.
11. Create a shortcut of this .ahk file and move the shortcut to the "Startup" folder so that the script runs automatically every time you start windows.

The drawback of this method is that I haven't found a way to revert the F6 & F7 keys. Therefore, only F1 through F5 and F8 through F12 can be reverted to achieve the effect of unlocking Fn lock by this code.



#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

; Below based on HP Pavilion Wireless Keyboard 600

; F1 | Mute 

; F2 | Volume Down 

; F3 | Volume Up

; F4 | Last Song

; F5 | Play/Pause

; F6 | Next song

; F7 | Brightness Down

; F8 | Brightness Up

; F9 | Search

; F10 | Toggle display mode for multi-screen
SendInput {F10}
; F11 | ???
SendInput {F11}

; F12 | System Settings
SendInput {F12}
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No way to lock FN on HP Pavilion Wireless Keyboard 800

And your printer I began to print in black and white always. You're a fantastically awful company.

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No way to lock FN on HP Pavilion Wireless Keyboard 800

I have read many forums where it is shown that it is possible to address this issue on HP's other similar keyboards. How can it be so difficult for HP to provide solution for Pavilion Wireless Keyboard 800? Are they even trying to find a solution? It's been six months since OP. I got this KB with my new Desktop, so can't even return the KB alone. I use AutoCAD and use function keys a lot.

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No way to lock FN on HP Pavilion Wireless Keyboard 800

Hi. I have the exact same issue. Please tell me that a solution has been found since the keyboard is brilliant but has this huge drawback

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