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    Need Windows 11 help?
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Envy 750 555qe
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I am trying to restart my HP Envy 750-55qe from a black screen using the escape key, F2 key combination. Then the symptoms tes. I am getting this error:

Hard Drive SSD Short DST Check: Failed

Failure ID: 6AN3UC-8T5B09-9XPGRF-60UP03

Product id: V9B59AA#ABA

Hard Drive Drive/ssd 1. Model: WDC WD1OEZEX-60WN4AO


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your HDD is failed. you need to replace it.

you can run HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Extensive Test to be sure




HP Recommended

@noober -- in addition to what @charli3445 wrote, take this failure as an opportunity to replace the "spinning" disk-drive by a much-faster SSD (solid state device), for a nice boost in your computer's performance.


P.S. That "extensive" test will only confirm the result of the "short" (a minute or two) drive-test.

It probably will "wring-out" any residual "life" remaining in the disk-drive.

Personally, I would not run the "extensive" test -- waste of my time.


HP Recommended


Hard Disk 1 Quick Test Failure


This is a macro, recorded answer, read the following carefully, and see according to your own problem.
If you have any doubts, ask me, I will try to answer the best
you have an error message, or a problem with the hard drive (or SSD)
this indicates that your hard drive is certainly damaged
Depending on the error, and its condition, it may fail anytime.
maybe it doesn't work anymore
First of all, you can try to recover personal data

 Once your data has been saved
You can either follow the following or buy a new hard drive directly!
What I am indicating now is just a rescue option
If it works, it will be temporary, back up your data regularly
depending on the hard drive condition, it may work a good time
but the hard drive may fail permanently
it is mainly in order to be able to use the computer, the time to replace the system disk
be careful because the goal is to erase the hard drive, your unsaved data will be lost
so you have to reinstall the computer completely
There are several methods, depending on the installed windows system and your computer

Try a full reinstall

You can try to help yourself with this tutorial (sorry not fully translated)

que faire en cas d' erreur / échec dst du disque dur - HP Support Community - 7338574

Using the HP Cloud Recovery Tool (Windows 10, 7)


if you have windows 10 you can use microsoft tool


If you originally had a sata HDD you could possibly install a sata SDD
but this is another topic, if needed you should open another thread

Your computer should be this :




 Upgrading and Servicing Guide

check it seems that the manual given here does not match

You can try several things in order to try to recover your data


You can try a bootable cd / dvd type live cd (linux)



you can try removing the hard drive, in order to connect it to another computer internally, or with a usb adapter!

If your disk is not completely out of order, this gives you a small chance

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