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HP Omen Obelisk 875-1022
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Why does my omen 875-1022 only have a Realtek drivers from  4/30/2020 ? i checked for drivers on hp site and that's the latest driver! 


I looked at intel drivers on intel and they just released a update 2 or so weeks ago for Bluetooth! They are consistent! 

 I went on to Realtek website, found my RTL882B  and it seems its a 2 in 1 chip? providing both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth!
I disabled Wi-Fi part in device manager since I never use Wi-Fi! I want a driver from this month! for Realtek rtl882be!
Is HP Not just updating there high  end gaming pc drivers anymore, since they have "newer" "better" omen gaming pc's now it seems? Not even Bios updates either! only 1 update back a year ago almost.

4/30/2020 was last posted update for Bluetooth! That is a long time when it comes to keeping Bluetooth secure! should I just buy a Intel / and or Realtek USB 3.0 Bluetooth 5.0  product instead, to use that for my Bluetooth and disable built in 2 in 1 chip that came with my omen? security / driver releases are important and should be done at least every 1-2 months ! new security flaws are constantly being discovered. 

If I buy a USB 3.1 Bluetooth adapter, and disable the rtl882b Bluetooth/ PCIe 2 in 1 device... add a USB BT adapter, will that then be the one recognized in windows settings when I turn on Bluetooth device discovery? Any help would be appreciated.
I think buying a USB adapter BT is my only option.. just wanna make sure if I disable built in chips the adapter will be used instead in windows 10 Bluetooth discovery!


Also does anyone think intel Bluetooth is better then Realtek's Products?  That part I really am curious to know! 


As seen above.. I'm using sony WF-1000XM3 bluetooth  headset. Anyone know why theres two listed? one was hidden and they both are empty when looking in the "events" page as you see. I have modified bt discovery in "services" area of windows. I did that so only devices already paired can connect, and my windows pc is never discoverable! Why 2 though? I only have 1 MX headset.. 

BMWKing 😛 

adding image links here since attaching images don't load I notice in post! 





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Here is the link to the latest Realtek Bluetooth driver HP released for the Realtek wifi adapters.


1.8.1030.3010    Oct 6, 2020




Fix and enhancements:

- Fixes an issue which causes the Bluetooth mouse to disconnect when a communication application is used.
- Fixes an issue where the Bluetooth mouse does not function properly when a communication application is used.
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THANK U! BUT.. LOL.... how do i know that works with my  OMEN?? its not under any omen oblisk 875-1022 driver downloads...


thats why im confused. how do i find these drivers like you did? Also should this latest update likely have some security fixes, and just dont list it? 

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You're very welcome.


What matters is the model of the wifi/bluetooth adapter, not the model of the PC, as to whether or not the driver is going to work.


That driver was made for the Realtek RTL8822BE/CE and RTL8821CE wifi adapters.


I got it from the HP 15-eg0000 notebook model series, which also has a newer wifi driver.


HP Pavilion Laptop PC 15-eg0000 Software and Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support


So that driver will work on your PC's wifi card.


It's exactly the same M.2 wifi card as what they install in both notebook and desktop PC's.


If you are good at taking things apart and putting them back together again, you can also replace that lousy Realtek wifi card with the Intel AX 200 card, which has BT 5.0.


This model...you can find them for sale on eBay.  The antenna wires are very delicate, so you have to use care when removing and reattaching them.


Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 ax 2×2 + Bluetooth 5.0 MU-MIMO M.2 2230 non-vPro    HP part # L35282-005



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thank you paul! really appreciate it! One more question lol! Is a USB bluetooth 5.0 just as good as integrated one we have or I have in my pc? its 4.2 version as u know!

Just curious. Also if I get a USB BlueTooth 5.0 Adapter... does it only support audio devices, and not other features like internet etc? Maybe im tripping but aren't bluetooth also used for internet? Or blue tooths only for audio / mice/ keyboard/ monitors? Not internet? I was thinking of getting this.. Just dont want it to be able to be used for internet... i got a nerd hacker above me lol so thats why i'm asking all these questions / being paranoid! We r enemies too :X 




is there any bluetooth usb adapters you recommend? I dont wanna mess with the insides of my pc 😛

oh, and should i maybe just stick with bt 4.2? I noticed 5.0 bt supports longer distance + Multiple devices connected at once ! I believe 4.2 doesn't allow this and would think that could increase security risks.. example: bluebugging, snarfing, jacking etc.

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You're very welcome.


Yes, a BT 5.0 adapter would be fine such as the The Asus BT 5.0 adapter you posted.


As far as I know, it will support any device that uses bluetooth to connect.  Phones, speakers, etc.


It does not support wifi/internet like a wifi adapter or ethernet adapter does.


But if you are concerned about having the latest and greatest drivers all the time, I doubt the manufacturers of such devices update the drivers very often.


You can see on the Asus support page for that USB wifi adapter, the latest driver is from May, 2020.





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