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Reverb g2
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

I got a new Reverb G2 from Spain a week ago and was working fine until today. During a session I got the 1-4 Error.

I have:
-  Reconnected the cable to different USB ports on z390 motherboard

-  Reconnected the cable to different USB 3.0 ports on PCI-e card

- Updated BIOS, CPU and GPU drivers

- Reinstalled WMR


Nothing worked. It seems the cable is the issue.


Please help, Im in Croatia and upon registering my product and trying to reach out support I get the following message: "This product is no longer serviced by HP. You may search for possible soultions on this support website."


Many thanks.

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Welcome to the HP Support Community!


we understand that getting an error message 1-4 Reverb G2 .I appreciate your efforts to try and resolve the issue


Don't worry as I'll be glad to help, 


Install and update the latest BIOS & video card drivers, once done, use the below steps: 


  1. Open the controller's battery cover. 

  2. Press and hold the pairing button. It is located below the batteries. 

  3. Press and hold the Windows button for five seconds. 

  4. Release both buttons simultaneously. The process of resetting should take about 15 seconds. 

  5. Pair your motion controllers with your PC. 

Once done, try the below steps: 

  1. Open the Mixed Reality Portal app on your PC. 

  2. In the side menu click on see more. 

  3. Select set up controllers. 

  4. In the settings screen you now see, click add Bluetooth or other device. 

  5. Open the battery door on your controllers. 

  6. Press the small button below the batteries for 2 seconds until the lights flash. 

  7. When the controllers appear in the list, click connect. 

Now, put on your headset and make sure that they're working and tracking OK. If you don't see them as in the image above, hold down the Windows button for two seconds until it vibrates to turn them off. 


Then repeat the process to turn them back on again and this should make them both appear in front of you. 

Once the controllers have paired over Bluetooth the lights on the ring will stop flashing and instead stay bright and steady. 


Hope this helps! Keep me posted.


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Hi Praveenbv,


Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried all the suggested tips without success. May I point out that controllers are not the issue here. 

Its the headset which won't power on due to a reported message that none of my USB slots don't provide enough power (E_DEVICE_USB_SPEED_TOO_SLOW).

Error 1-4 is well known for these headsets and the issue in majority of cases comes down to a old cable supplied with Rev.1 headsets.

The "new 6m cable" from revision 2 solves the problem and judging from official HP response on Reddit, I was under the impression that HP will replace all the faulty cables with the new ones if the device is covered by a warranty.


Right now I have a dead headset which worked fine for a week and no contact number to call support since my country HP site is telling me to  search for possible soultions on this support website.


Please help!

Many thanks




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One of the most common problems with the Reverb G2 is when Windows cannot detect the headset. This occurs when the display adapter is not connected to the graphics card or more than often, improperly connected to the headset, usually because it hasn't been fully inserted! - Error code: 1-4 'Check your display cable'.

If you're having difficulty pushing the display adapter all the way in and the adapter stops at a particular point and won't appear to go any further, a very slight wiggle is usually enough to fully seat it. However, try not to use excessive force, just keep trying and it will go in eventually.

Error code 1-4

As you can see, the guide hole now aligns with the top edge lip of the headset, which is a good indicator that the display connector is fully seated.

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