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    Need Windows 11 help?
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OMEN 16.1 inch Gaming Laptop PC 16-b1000 (4Z7U0AV)
Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11 has a high possibility (4 out of 5) of running into BSoD upon system start. 


The error code is IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, and the problematic driver is rtf64x64.inf


This driver is installed by OMEN Gaming Hub as a dependency of the feature Network Boosting


Uninstall the rtf64x64.inf solves the problem. 


; rtf64x64.INF -- Realtek NDIS LightWeight Filter
; Copyright (c) Realtek Corporation.  All rights reserved.
Signature   	= "$Windows NT$"
Class     	    = NetService
ClassGUID  	    = {4D36E974-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
Provider    	= %Realtek%
DriverVer	    = 09/22/2021,3.11.0922.2021
CatalogFile     = rtf64x64.cat

%Realtek%=Realtek, NTx86.10.0, NTamd64.10.0

;Empty section, so this INf does not support win2000

;Empty section, so this INf does not support win10 x86

%rtf64_Desc%=Install, nt_rtf64

; Installation Section
Copyfiles = rtf64.copyfiles.sys





; Ndi installation support
HKR, Ndi,Service,,"rtf64"
HKR, Ndi,CoServices,0x00010000,"rtf64"
HKR, Ndi,HelpText,,%rtf64_HelpText%
HKR, Ndi,FilterClass,, compression
HKR, Ndi,FilterType,0x00010001,0x00000002
HKR, Ndi\Interfaces,UpperRange,,"noupper"
HKR, Ndi\Interfaces,LowerRange,,"nolower"
HKR, Ndi\Interfaces, FilterMediaTypes,,"ethernet, wan, ppip"
HKR, Ndi,FilterRunType, 0x00010001, 1 ;this filter must run before any protocol can bind to the below miniport

; Service installation support

DisplayName     = %rtf64_Desc%
ServiceType     = 1 ;SERVICE_KERNEL_DRIVER
StartType       = 1 ;SERVICE_SYSTEM_START
ErrorControl    = 1 ;SERVICE_ERROR_NORMAL
ServiceBinary   = %12%\rtf64x64.sys
LoadOrderGroup  = NDIS
Description     = %rtf64_Desc%
AddReg          = DrvOption.reg, FilterSuppMaxMtuSize.reg



Realtek = "Realtek"
rtf64_Desc = "Realtek LightWeight Filter (NDIS6.40)"
rtf64_HelpText = "Realtek NDIS LightWeight Filter (NDIS6.40)"
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hi I have the same problem with the same laptop did you solved it ?

I unistalled and reset all the network card and resistalling the driver from windows update

Howerver now i'm going to check the drivers with verify from windows.

i have the bluescreen while I'm using the boost network from the oem gaming hub.  rtf64x64.sys is the driver

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Try this.

In Control Panels > Network and Internet > Network Connections, go through all the properties of Ethernet, and uncheck Realtek LightWeight Filter (NDIS6.40)


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21/10/22 Hi, same problem here appearing randomly on boot, while idling or on normal productivity (Office, Firefox, Calendar ecc). Never while gaming.
Pc 16-c0xxx, AMD, Win 11. Thanks for sharing your solution. I have tried this today and will edit my response in the future days if the problem appears again.

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Sorry just a question I have ony to remuve the fòlag on Realtek NDIS LightWeight Filter or just unistalled?

However i remouve the flag and press ok

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Unticking the checkbox should do the job. Uninstall also works and have no side effect so far.

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Hi ;

Today Hp support assinstant have been istalled on my victus 16.1 a new upgrade about the software of Omen Gaming hub networking booster.

I'm going to reset the settings of network module and checking if that upgrade solved the problem 😃

new driver installednew driver installed

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Ciao Marco per favore poi facci sapere come va!


Please let us know if the problem persists with the new driver and setting

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Resetting the network module with the new software upgrade... avoid the Bsod caused by Realtek NDIS LightWeight Filter

However I suggest to upgrade Gaming app from microsoft store because the new version fix the bug of the network booster.

The last check is to test the driverlaunching Verifier from Windows



New version Gaming hub from Microsoft StoreNew version Gaming hub from Microsoft Store


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