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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Windows update impacting certain printer icons and names. Microsoft is working on a solution.
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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.
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Omen HP 17
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

Laptop is two days old. (Had to) install Windows 10 1803 update (since Microsoft removed the option to suspend version updates for 385 days!), so that installed automatically as soon as I hooked up to the 'Net. All Microsoft updates are current but apparently, the HP Intel chipset driver refuses to install correctly. Installed it 3X, tells me it installed, yet HP Support Assist keeps telling me it hasn't be updated.


What does it take to install the Intel Chipset Utility which is probably contributing to me losing WIFI several times an hour? I can't find it on the App Uninstall list so I can't try uninstalling it and redoing the HP Assist update.

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Hello @Clevor


It helps if you post what model number you have. HP SA will give you the full product number which also works.


I doubt the HP chipset is not installed.

But, I would not rely on the HPSA for updates. It will at times report issues like you are experiencing, or on occasion, the wrong driver.

If you want to update a certain driver, grab it directly from the HP drivers page and manually run it.



As far as Windows 1803, its been causing all sorts of issues since its release.

Some of the other users here found success in stopping the upgrade with StopUpdates10.

Give it a look. Here is the link to the creators website... http://greatis.com/blog/stopupdates10


I have found updating to 1803 also disables restore points. You might want to check your settings to see if its disabled


Hope it helps.

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Is there a model number for my Omen 17? It is not the X version. It is hot off the presses: HP Omen 17 Gamer Laptop (i7-8750H, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 500GB NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB, 17.3" Full HD 144Hz IPS Display, Windows 10) New 2018 Best VR Gaming Notebook Computer.


I suspect the issue may be a power delivery issue, since the WIFI cutouts mainly occur when the laptop is not charging. This is really a sweet machine, with the 8th Gen 6-Core CPU, 144 Hz screen, and Thunderbolt 3 port and all, but power delivery problems? I don't want to go there. I could live with keeping the charger hooked up all the time, but then you have CPU overheating problems when the system is stressed out. 


It came with Windows 1709. I purposely left WIFI disconnected when I turned on the machine, but found out Win 1709 deleted the option to suspend version updates for 365 days, so I could not stop the update once I enabled WIFI. Why does Microsoft cram version updates down your throat when it's clear the engineers didn't do their homework on 1803?


The HP Support Assist app is a bit too busy and confusing an interface compared to Dell and Lenovo. Another thing that seems to be missing is a stress test. The one on the Dell lasts 30 min and the one on the Lenovo lasts almost an hour. I have not seen higher CPU temps on those laptops than on those stress tests. 

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Again, the product number is located in the HP SA, click on your Omen, you will see the number up at the top.

Also in tiny letters on the bottom of the case.

And also if you tap F1 at Power-on, you can get the system info before booting to Windows.

Its even printed on the box it came in.

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My product number is 2XP12AV.


I lost WIFI again even with the laptop charging. Tried to view my PCMark10 score online when this happened. 


Battery life: From 99% charge to 20% charge takes 2 hours 41 minutes while streaming Live TV. While running the Visualization and Rendering test in PCMark10 temps hit 92-97 C on three cores, so overheating can occur while not gaming.

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OK thanks.


Your model is OMEN by HP - 17t-an100 CTO (configure to order).

If you use the link I gave earlier, put your P/N in the box and it will bring up your models downloads page.

This one...  https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/omen-by-hp-17-an100-laptop-pc/20329829/model/21910146?sku=2XP12...

Looks like you probably wont have any updates at the moment. The downloads page reflects only one driver set which will already be installed from factory.

The drivers page will have future updates though, and I use that if I have to Clean Install win 10 directly from MS.



Yes your battery life sound about right for that 17 inch screen. Omens eat battery.

I checked out PCMark (Free version) just for a comparison also.

Using an i7 7700 with GTX 1070. Yes your temps were about the same as mine.

I ran HWMonitor while benchmarking to see the temps in real time. The peak temp went up to 98C, but it does not stay at peak the entire time of the benchmark. The average temps during running were between 65-80C. Peak is just that, a momentary peak as any benchmarking program will cause. And my 4th core was lower temp than the first 3. Im not too familiar with PCMark, but perhaps thats how it works?


I will say that something has suddenly got my systems idle temps up also.

Im thinking the most recent windows update perhaps?

Idle was high 30s, now its all over the place (48-50C) and the Task Manager does not show anything taking up CPU significantly.


I will have to troubleshoot the issue further when I get time. :indifferent: :indifferent:


As far as the Wifi card dropping signal, what steps have you done so far to fix it?

I assume you have already tried removing the network info, reboot and activate it again?

Unistall the card from Device Manager, reboot and let it reinstall again?


If no joy, I think you should contact HP Support directly for a warranty issue. They might have to replace the card.

If you are able to take the laptop back to the store you purchased from for a replacement, that will be faster than dealing with Support.


I dont know if this was helpful, but let me know if you have any other questions.





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The 8th generation Intel CPUs have been creating overheating havoc across all manufacturers. The Dells and Lenovos are heating up - not as bad as the HPs - to the 80-90 C range on the quad-cores that came out last last year. Neither Dell or Lenovo have solutions to the problems. As I've also mentioned on their forums, the temps are peak temps and the important thing to look at is current and average temps in HWINFO64, which usually run in the 60-70 C range. However my 3DMark runs only last about 8'. One can only hope no long term damage occurs down the line after the warrantees are up.


I considered returning my laptop and exchanging for another brand but after reading the reviews on Amazon the conclusion I arrive at is: pretty much all the gaming laptops run around 1-1.5 hours during gaming and around 3 hours just cruising the Net. The CPUs all overheat to 90-100 C during gaming. The Asus guys are getting lockups and crashes. Asus tells them the temps are normal. The Alienware R17s also have short battery life and temperature issues. All I can do is run my Omen thru benchmark and stress testing within the 30 day return period to be sure I don't experience this, as obviously this is unacceptable.


I still have the WIFI dropouts. What WIFI card is in my machine??? In Device Manager there are like 8 WAN Miniport devices so which ones do I remove? Most laptops are using the Atheros Qualcomm card or Intel 9560 but what is in my Omen? I don't think it's my WIFI router as I have three other computers and I only get the WIFI dropouts with the HP.




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You're getting my info misconstrued and I didnt say your router was the cause, but its possible a router reboot could help, even if the other PCs are working. The network info I was referring though to would be in your laptop.


If you found the network adapters, the wifi card should be obvious. In the Device Manager, It will be listed with the word Wireless in the name and usually its the top device under Network Adapters. You can also right click on the devices and go to its properties to read the info.

An Intel card will look similar to this...


wifi card.JPG


When you already mentioned you were thinking of returning the laptop, it sounds like you may have already have made up your mind. In such case, I wouldnt do a warranty issue as it will take more time in the turn around than your time limit allows for doing a refund. Just so you know.

Good luck.

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There is no wireless adapter in Device Manager, only two Bluetooth devices at the top, the Realtek device, and 8 WAN Miniport devices. Are the Bluetooth devices the wireless card? I see no wireless or ethernet device under Network Adapters.


It is so sickening these dropouts that on several occasions I am writing up a reply on this forum, click submit, and get a message I am not connected to the Net! So when I fiddle around and reconnect, I lost the message and I have to retype my response all over again.


Now I can connect wirelessly and see speeds up to 350 MBPS (I have 300 MBPS service), but the WIFI dropouts occur several times a day.


As I mentioned, I installed the Intel Chipset Utility five times (once more today) and each time the install went correctly and I reboot but HPSA still tells me the update is pending.


Actually I have decided to keep the Omen since all the other gaming laptops on Amazon have the same overheating problems and short battery life. There is also no other machine that has the features of the latest Omen such as 144 Hz, G-Sync capable screen, 6-Core i7, DDR4 2666 RAM standard, dual storage with 7200 rpm 2nd drive, non-Max Q Geforce 1060 (Ugh!), Bang and Olufsen speakers, miniport display port in addition to HDMI, 6 macro keys, clickbars on the trackpad, and Thunderbolt 3 port.


HP Recommended

If you're going to keep it, then contact HP  Support for a warranty issue and get the wifi card replaced.

I wont use HP SA, its not reliable. If you successfully installed the chipset, then its installed.


But if You do send it in for warranty, do a recovery and reinstall the OS back to factory settings to wipe any personal data first. F11 at power on, will access the recovery options.

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