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OMEN by HP 15-dh0015nr
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)


I am starting a new thread because while it sounds similar to other issues, I couldn’t find one that exactly matches what I’m struggling with. I got my Omen 15 laptop in February of 2020 and it worked flawlessly until this past April (2022). I was on it for about 15 minutes just on my Email and TaxAct, suddenly the screen just went black but the computer was still on and the screen never came back. I didn’t have any other choice but to perform a restart with the power button. On start up, it got to the HP window with the rotating dots and it just got stuck in that loop no matter how many times I tried.


After some searching, I learned how to get to the menu to perform system tests. The extensive test showed that everything passed. I brought it in to my university’s IT help desk and they checked some things to no avail. I opted to just perform a windows reset with a USB (windows 10) and that seemed to fix the issue. i took the laptop home and didn’t use it that night.


The next day I started my laptop and it repeated the issue 15 minutes later. Brought it back to the help desk and IT was able to boot into safe mode and check to see if startup drivers were the issue by disabling them one at a time and trying to start the computer out of safe mode. They couldn’t fix it so I brought it in to a PC repair shop. 

The shop performed a in depth system check and couldn’t find anything wrong, so after the process of elimination it was decided to do a complete wipe and reinstall if the entire laptop. This seemed to correct it. 3 weeks late it repeated itself. This time I had my volume turned on and right when the screen went dark it sounded like a usb was unplugged. This led us to believe it was an intermittent connection issue. 

I then brought it to a technician who took it apart to check the connections and did the startup driver tests, but found nothing. He then considered that the hard drive could be corrupted and put in a new spare that he had. That fixed the issue for about 30 minutes and then it repeated. He then thought he had narrowed it down to the ram, so we bought new ram and installed it but that didn’t work either. After weeks of trying, he was able to find a forum that mentioned video card failure (I unfortunately couldn’t find that forum). Something about the “highway” failing and that there was hope that HP would release a detour patch. Not wanting to replace the card due to how intricate that job is, he returned it to me.


He was able to figure out that the computer could be connected to an external monitor and would boot up. I’m not sure if he changed something in the computer because it won’t do the loop anymore. I am able to do simple things with it connected to my tv, but it will frequently freeze if worked too hard. 

I know this was long winded, but I wanted to give as much background as I could. I am hoping that there a solution, especially due to how expensive these systems are. Any insight would be appreciated.

 Thank you,



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Hi @Jqpovich,


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I am an HP Employee

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Hello @Jqpovich 


(1) Update BIOS

HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processors)

F.46 Rev.A41.1 MBMay 9, 2022Download

Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver

1952.14.0.1470 Rev.B16.9 MBJul 15, 2020Download


(2) Update audio

Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver

6.0.9018.1 Rev.B412.4 MBDec 14, 2020



 (3) Update video (one will work)

Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver Rev.B390.5 MBDec 14, 2020Download


NVIDIA High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver Rev.B727.7 MBDec 14, 2020Download


(4) update omen gaming

OMEN Gaming Hub SDK Package

1.0.57 Rev.A48.3 MBMay 4, 2022Download


(5) install optimizer

HP Connection Optimizer Rev.A8.7 MBJun 9, 2020Download


(6) Service required !

In your case:

- The notebook should normally be disassembled and checked

- Thermal paste for CPU GPU and bridges should be renewed.

- Furthermore, the function of the fan must be checked.

- General cleaning ...


If you can't do that, you should have it serviced by a professional notebook repair store.


best regards


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