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    Need Windows 11 help?
    Check documents on compatibility, FAQs, upgrade information and available fixes.Windows 11 Support Center.
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Victus by HP 16.1 inch Gaming Laptop PC 16-d1 (53F52AV)
Microsoft Windows 11


I have just bought this laptop, absolutely brand new, just some days ago. i've set it up and dowloaded a game to try the performance of the pc, but it didn't go very well. I dropped basically every in-game video setting to low (occuping approximately 1,5 MB of the 4 available of VRAM), but it kept dropping down in fps very frequently. from 120 or so, straight to 30-40 for a fraction of a second and then up again.

I have checked on nvidia control panel and the gpu selected for the game is the dedicated one, not the integrated.

the laptop was connected to the wall, i wasn't playing on battery.

The problem started from the first moment i loaded the game, NOT after a while, somaybe it's not a ventilation/temperature problem, but who knows.

I know for a fact that spec-wise i have a strong machine that maybe doesnt have a top GPU, but it should be able to perfectly handle games at high stable fps when I turn video settings on low.

I welcome any help or experience on the matter, especially if from hp support whom I haven't been able to contact directly unfortunately.

Thank you very much.

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Hello @Gioooo 

Sorry to hear that you are having problems ... I would like to help you.

(1) Start windows <device manager>

- open <display adapters>

--->>> Send screenshot


(2)  I want the check your current system configuration.

Run    msinfo32

- Select <System Summary>:

--->>> copy/paste to following key/values pairs:


OS Name


System Model

System SKU ( equals HP product number (p/n) )

BIOS Version/Date

(3Please report your results

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I an not really sure what the problem but I could suggest something.

It's probably optimus glitching out and switching between gpus in random. Probably...

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is optimus something built-in? cause i thought i had to download something to make it work (and i avoided it on porpuse) but maybe i'm wrong and it's something that is always there.

Anyway i don't know how it could be that, since i have selected the dedicated graphics card while playing the game, in the nvidia control panel.

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and here are the other system specs.


OS: Microsoft Windows 11 Home
Version: 10.0.22000 Build 22000
Victus by HP Laptop 16-d1xxx
System SKU: rather not share.
BIOS version/date: AMI F.07, 20/04/2022 (I think i recently had a programmed Bios update actually)

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Hello @Gioooo 

To help you I need to know the product number (p/n) of your notebook ! 

The product number (p/n) is legally allowed information about the computer. This is not sensitive data.

It is allowed to publish it in public.


Kind regards

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Ok, sorry i guess.

also note that any big delay between question and answer is mostly due to different time zones, so sorry for that.

product number should be this:


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Hello @Gioooo 


Please follow instructions ...


(1) Create system <restore point> !

How to Create a System Restore Point on Windows 10 or Windows 11


(2) Install/Update

Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver

10.1.18950.8297 Rev.D0.6 MBMar 15, 2022Download

Intel Dynamic Tuning Driver

1.0.10702.25133 Rev.C3.4 MBFeb 1, 2022Download

Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver

2145.1.42.0 Rev.C3.5 MBJan 21, 2022Download

Intel Serial IO Driver

30.100.2134.22 Rev.C0.8 MBJan 21, 2022Download


(3) Reboot

(4) Install/Update

Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver

6.0.9254.1 Rev.C192.1 MBJan 21, 2022Download

NVIDIA High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver Rev.D1019.3 MBMar 15, 2022Download


(5) Reboot

(6) Install/Update

OMEN Gaming Hub SDK Package

1.0.57 Rev.A48.3 MBMay 4, 2022Download


(7) --->>> Enable Ultimate Performance Plan in Windows 11

(8) Reboot

(9) Test <performance and stability>

(10) Please report your results

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Here i can post you other random screenshots since i have nothing to do right now ahaha

1) the setting for the game on nvidia control panel 

2) device manager says gpu is working correctly

3) task manager right after turning on the pc with nothing running


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