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We would like to share some of the most frequently asked questions about Instant Ink. Check out this link: HP INSTANT INK, HP+ PLANS: INK AND TONER. .
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I can't even remember the number of HP printers which I have purchased over the years. The high cost of ink has always been a problem. I don't print many pages, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the Instant Ink program offered a free plan. It was the reason that I bought this new printer. I didn't activate it right away, because I didn't need to print anything. On September 25th, I finally activated my printer. I got a message saying that the ink was on the way, and before the ink arrived, I got another message on Oct. 4th saying that the free plan was ending.


I never expected HP to be running a "BAIT AND SWITCH SCAM". I specifically bought my HP printer, because they offered free printing for up to 15 pages a month. Now, it is too late for me to return my printer, and the whole rationale for my purchasing this printer is gone. I am truly disappointed with HP.

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Just really bad timing.  Finally sign up - and Poof!


Where is has been available, Free has been nice for people who only print on occasion and like the convenience of not having to order ink.


On the other end, people who save the most money the Paid Subscriptions are those who print regularly, maybe a lot - for example, Teachers, small business owners, home offices, large families, people who like to archive on paper.


The Terms of Service contract has always included text indicating the free program could be changed, updated, or even revoked.


That possible changes to the service are documented is not meant to make you feel better about your situation. The mention is simply a reference to the contents in the service contract.  Legal speak that lets the service be changed by the provider.


I would guess the service is moving on for reasons known to HP - and speculated by the rest of us.


If you like - and if available in your region,

Contact Instant Ink Support and express your views.


Instant Ink - Print-by-Page Service





HP Instant Ink - Main Website - Information, Enroll, FAQ, Terms of Service / Contract

Not your home site?  Click the Flag to change to your region.


Need Help?

Phone contact, where available, will be posted on the main website (front page).  For example, look for the contact number in the blue ribbon just under the introduction section / image.


Of Interest…

  • Section Check to see if your HP printer works with Instant Ink
  • FAQ section > READ How does HP Instant Ink work? – Be sure to read all the FAQ sections.
  • The all-important Contract > Link is located below the FAQ section > Terms of Service Contract



  • It is NOT necessary that you be enrolled to read the contract
  • Contract:  Open the main website > Change region / flag > scroll down just past the FAQ
  • The contract also provides contact information, usually in the very first section.


Examples of the contract - regions

Instant Ink - Terms of Service - USA

Instant Ink – Terms of Service - UK


HP Instant Ink - Promotions and Free Month Offers



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