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macOS 12.0 Monterey

I think it is probably easier to get into Fort Knox Gold reserves than getting a PERSON talk to much less get ANY help. HERE ARE MY ISSUES: Went on vacation for 11 days. turned off all my electronics such as computer and printer. On the 12th day read my 135 e mails and tried to print some. Would not print. Came to the HP email which basically told me I violated the agreement to leave my Printer on so they could monitor my Ink usage, etc. I replied to HP support and explained the problem to that point--received no answer. Notification Told me about the sleep mode for the first time. Since I got blank sheets after requesting something to be printed. I changed out the Black cartridge and then of course the two cartridges did not sync. I reinstalled the cartridge and then I was told I had a Paper Jam. I checked all areas that I could get into to see and THERE IS NO PAPER JAM. I am concerned because each time I push OK after checking, the printer activates to verify and it makes terrible noises, the most concerning noises are what sounds like gears grinding--I purchased this Printer less than One year ago and it has been could until HP took total control--not just the normal InstantInk stuff. Does anyone know how to fix the last problem so I can try to print again. Perhaps HP will screw it up some more but I cannot find out until my "Paper jam" is cleared.

Please don't tell me to select some option on my screen---Only the paper jam screen comes up. Thank you for "listening". Woody

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Welcome to the HP Community Forum.


There might be more than one issue - impossible to know until the cartridge / paper jam is fixed.

So, no I won't tell you to poke this or select more options to clear the jam.


For those reading,

Solutions - presented in the order to be completed and considered.  Includes a Video

'Paper Jam' error



I've sent a request to our moderator team for a Review of your concern and possible escalation.


I cannot comment on the HP+ service group - they are supposed to be responsive when you contact them for help, I think.


What to do?

Perhaps contact HP+ Support again during business days and hours available in your region.


You may choose to wait here in the Community for an agent to find and respond to your question.

Waiting is not always faster – our Community is not HP+ Support – Waiting generally works.



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NOTE:  Where available, the Homepage website for the non HP+ model includes any missing "Category" sections not found in the HP+ printer site.  What?  The “+” and “not +” printers are the same printer – HP+ is a benefit / service.


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